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Finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976)

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Pietila never grew into the Aalto figure as some hoped when the great tree fell--his architecture was simply not profound enough.
The young checking line of Antti Aalto, Mike LeClerc and Jeff Nielsen figures to play a crucial role in the team's forechecking system.
In a market already well-represented by a few very good Aalto monographs, the unique selling point of Ray's book lies in neither the biography, although this is a concise and engaging read, nor the case studies, even though well judged and illustrated, with previously unpublished photos by the author showing the buildings in use (although one occasionally has to look beyond fuzzy focusing to appreciate the quality of the spaces).
Aalto University's integration capability is developed through the ICC (Integration Competency Center) service model.
Aalto said his improved English allowed his natural instincts to take over this season and he made the team.
Photo: Ducks forward Antti Aalto trips Vancouver's Markus Nasalund in the Canucks' 5-2 victory.
Around the two spiralling access ramps, walls wiggle and curve, like an Aalto vase, the slim bamboo poles rippling along the exterior.
Yet he did not want to fall into what he considers to be the trap of wistful Classicism like Loos and Aalto with their broken column grave stones.
The aalto university performs a broad-based research in multidisciplinary materials, Electronics and engineering.
In contemplating the design, Meier has referred to both Le Corbusier at Ronchamp and especially to Aalto and the Church of the Three Crosses in Finland.
Tenders are invited for Interior Design Services for the Aalto University School of Economics (Maarintie 13)
The ecd research team at the aalto university electronics and nanotechnology institute is acquiring a millimeter wave signal analyzer for the characterization of microcircuits operating at frequencies above 100 ghz.
The aalto university foundation, Aalto university (business id 2228357-4, Later in this call for tenders "acquisition unit" or "subscriber"), Asks for an offer of a complete saas service delivery system (later in this call for tender "service") including a deployment project and ongoing services in accordance with this invitation to tender, The terms and conditions set out therein and its annexes.
Once past the dumb exterior, you are welcomed by a huge mass of blond timber that seems to have been gnawed out of solid wood by a strange termite partnership between Aalto and Gehry, with Antonio Gaudi hovering somewhere overhead.