Aaland islands

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an archipelago of some 6,000 islands in the Gulf of Bothnia under Finnish control

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As such their support for the petition was weak, and as a result it was less of a dispute between Sweden and Finland than a dispute between the Aaland Islands and Finland.
Britain had submitted the Aaland Islands issue to the League of Nations rather than either Sweden or Finland.
Nations reports on the Aaland Islands (121) and, more recently, in the
the League of Nations' resolution of the Aaland Islands issue.
of Jurists Entrusted by the Council of the League of Nations with the Task of Giving an Advisory Opinion upon the Legal Aspects of the Aaland Islands Question, League of Nations Doc.
(83.) Many commentators overlook or obscure these aspects of the Aaland Islands reports.
(94) Convention Relating to the Non-Fortification and Neutralisation of the Aaland Islands art.
Alcohol Regulations in the Aaland islands" Contemporary Drug Problems, Vol 26, Spring 1999, p.
Alcohol Regulations in the Aaland Islands", Contemporary Drug Problems, Vol.
part." (59) Aaland Islands went on to state that "[g]enerally
affirming a strong concept of state sovereignty, Aaland Islands did
In Finland, the Aaland Islands, which since 1921 have benefited from wide autonomy in terms of education, health or policing, had to adopt their own legislation in order to conform to EU law.
The Aaland Islands only reacted in 2007, after the opening of the second infringement procedure.
Originally, only members of the League Council or a nonmember state party to the minority treaty could petition for redress.(33) Only the treaty concerning Upper Silesia concluded by Germany and Poland provided for individual petition.(34) Subsequently, however, the right of individual petition was granted to some minorities.(35) A more specific indication of collective enforcement was the, agreement between Finland and Sweden relating to the population of Aaland Islands, under which the Aaland Landsting had the right of petition.(36)
Whilst proceedings against Finland have been closed (they concerned the Aaland Islands), the Commission has launched further proceedings against the other three which may eventually lead to the imposition of penalties (article 228 of the Treaty).