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Synonyms for alpha

the alpha and omega

Words related to alpha

the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet

the beginning of a series or sequence

Related Words

first in order of importance

Related Words

early testing stage of a software or hardware product

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The OpenVMS AXP system has anticipated evolution from 32-bit address space size to 64-bit address space by changing to a page table format that supports large address space.
In a previous agreement, ThermoGenesis has granted Golden Meditech with the exclusive distribution rights for the AXP System in China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan) and in Singapore, Indonesia, India and the Philippines once relevant approval has been obtained in each respective region.
The Stable Outlook reflects the expectation that AXP will continue to generate strong billed business growth, with its spend-centric business model, and that expansion into consulting services, and online and digital payments will provide additional revenue opportunities in coming years.
Open-ended (completely automatic) translation of almost all user-mode applications from the OpenVMS VAX system to the OpenVMS AXP system.
11 October 2011 - US supplier of stem cells processing and storage services ThermoGenesis Corp (NASDAQ:KOOL) said today that the China State Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) had accepted its application for approval of the AXP AutoXpress (AXP) processing system, which concentrates stem cells from cord blood.
Alpha AXP is Digital's 64-bit RISC computing architecture, designed to support fast, uniprocessor and multiprocessor implementations that are scalable from palmtop to supercomputer.
NECBB will begin processing samples with AXP in August.
Under the revised distribution contract, which runs through July 2012, GE Healthcare will continue to distribute the AXP product line, excluding certain countries in Latin and South America, Asia, CIS and Eastern Europe.
credit card companies - including AXP - have a date with President Obama, in order to discuss interest rates, fees, and the transparency of lending practices, amongst other topics.
The International Securities Exchange (ISE) reports that traders have bought to open 16,134 puts on AXP during the past 10 days, compared to just 3,330 calls.
AXP is back in focus today, as options traders appear to be picking up the pace in acquiring put options on the security.
Based on Cisco's new AXP platform and Sagem-Interstar's XMediusFAX[TM], it will cater to enterprise requirements in branch office survivability, network virtualization, and reduced hardware footprint.
Avocent will provide IT management software on the new Cisco AXP, which was announced today.
Sagem-Interstar also announced it has joined the Cisco Technology Developer Program as a Cisco AXP partner.
AXP is the first and only automated processing technology with FDA clearance that can process cord blood collections of any size in a closed environment using sterile materials.