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a United Nations agency that invests directly in companies and guarantees loans to private investors

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The Laredo AWT 3 is supported by a 50,000-mile warranty.
Ch Sajjad Hussain Chiarmain SHINS International said in his speech that Pakistan is now eye catching economy and AWT SHINS Gold Complex is a dream that leads to interpretation.
Ch Sajjad Hussain, chairman SHINS International, said that AWT SHINS Gold Complex would be completed in one year.
The fixed Income and Money Market Funds of AWT Investment Management Ltd are one the best performing funds in Pakistan today in this fiscal year.
Speaking on the occasion, Nouman Akbar DGM KPOGCL expressed the views that this strategic alliance with AWT, will pave way for investments in exploration and production of the natural resources and hydrocarbons.
The MD informed that the AWT was keenly looking at various opportunities being offered by the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), with a view to making a beneficial contribution.
In 1959 the AWT was decommissioned as a wind tunnel and modified to house a multiaxis control trainer for the Mercury program.
The purchase of AWT is the first ever foreign acquisition of this type made by a PKP Group company.
Both AWS and AWT were grounded and sieved into a fine powder before blended with PP and extruded into sheets.
Additionally, BVS includes several safety features such as resonance alerts to inform captains of the potential for severe motions, easy access to rogue wave forecasts and advanced environmental modeling that enables AWT to accurately forecast storm strengths and effects.
The AWT climbed up 350 feet high, produced power at altitude, and landed in an automated cycle.
Minister for Privatisation Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan and AWT MD Lt General (r) Imtiaz Hussain witnessed the ceremony.
The procedure AWT has been used in the medical world for several years to make kidney stones disintegrate and to ease joint pain, according
Experts at AWT, over a period of years, have studied the natural path of the water, the turbulent rolling of the water through the hills and streams.
by the companies participating in the AWT statistical report totaled $211 million while exports amounted to S34 million.