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one who is away or absent without leave

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absent without permission


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Going AWOL isn't necessarily an act of cowardice, but an action taken to correct what appears to be a mistake, that being that joining the Army wasn't the right thing for the individual to do, Middleton added.
The figures also show the Navy's AWOL total rose from 92 in 2001 to 196 in 2005 and the RAF's went from 26 in 2001 to 57 in 2004.
Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, soldiers AWOL for more than 30 days are considered deserters.
I would do this because I'm a non-drinker, but I'm looking for a buzz," said Peter Rosegarten, 37, who sat on a couch at the Manhattan nightspot Trust and breathed in the AWOL sans-liquor.
The number going AWOL almost doubled to 35 last year compared with 19 in 2009.
His mum only discovered Cooper had gone AWOL when a neighbour found him crying because he couldn't reach the buzzer to get into his own home.
We applaud Kentucky's legislature for recognizing the dangers associated with AWOL machines.
WAR hero Jamie Cooper was warned he would be branded AWOL - because his parents tried to move him to another hospital after he caught MRSA.
Erdington Labour MP Sion Simon argued for the distinction between deserters, which carries a stronger sentence, and those AWOL or absent without leave, should be maintained.
But Lescinel, fined by gaffer John Hughes for going AWOL, is now fully focussed on winning a new deal next season.
WASHINGTON - Before bad-boy actor Steve McQueen's ``Great Escape,'' there was his great AWOL escapade.
Later that day hospital reports him AWOL to police.
He accused the inventor of neglecting his duty of care to the public and said he did not think it would be long before someone using AWOL suffered from alcohol poisoning.
Matt Macklin had to leave a law degree to turn professional and David Barnes had to go AWOL from the army.
HUNDREDS of military personnel who have gone AWOL in the past nine years are still missing.