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slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses

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An awn goes by many names including foxtails, cheat grass, mean seeds, and more.
The drier they get, the more brittle they become, and the plume-like "foxtail" starts to fall apart into individual segments, each tipped by a sharp seed and trailing those propulsive awns.
For the localization of the grass awns, we evaluated data concerning two sites of extraction: upper and lower respiratory tract.
Yes, grass awns are the devil and can cause serious damage.
The reduction, in spike grain yield, induced by the removal-shading treatment varied from 0.2 g/spike, measured under leaf ablation treatment of the breeding line MBB/Ofanto to 1.3 g/spike, due to the effect of awns ablation of Ofanto cultivar (Table 5).
Maximum value (9.21) was observed in GD102 x GD189 for awn length and minimum awn length was observed in GD170 x GD189 (6.61).
All weedy strains display seed shattering and most of them have a long awn, a black hull color, and a red pericarp/testa color (Table 1).
"They have a very sharp and persistent front point, like an arrowhead, and nasty backward spikes that keep the awn moving forward.
Examination of the leaf rust reaction type x awn type means in Table 2 indicated that leaf rust resistance was more effective in compensating for the loss of awns (compare R[A.sup.+] vs.
Checking the eyes to make sure they are shiny and free of debris or awns and drainage.
sterilis parent and hulled [F.sub.2] plants with two or more awns per spikelet exhibited the suckermouth phenotype and were prone to shattering.
Cathy Lewis: In the three years since GUN DOG ran an article on the grass awn problem ( I have heard about and received case history reports on numerous grass-related infections, from a mixed-breed pet with a cheatgrass infection to field tiial Labradors with foxtail barley and giant Eastern foxtail awn-caused illnesses.
Valier is midseason in maturity with midlax, midlong spikes with rough awns that are seminodding to erect before and after maturity, similar to Baronesse.
Along with cuts and bruises we have to check for ticks and even dangerous grass awns. In the past grass awn problems were limited primarily to the western states, but with increased prairie restoration efforts Canada rye and other dangerous seeds are becoming more common throughout other parts of the country.
In recent years those of us who hunt and train primarily in the Midwest have seen a significant increase in problems related to grass seed awns, which until the last few years were thought of as common only in the western states.