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Synonyms for malformation

a disfiguring abnormality of shape or form

Synonyms for malformation

something abnormal or anomalous


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When the subject property is not a good AVM candidate, several valuation options are afforded to the user as part of the complete and fully automated valuation solution.
In our case, hemichorea occurred as a result of unruptured AVM in the medial part of the temporal lobe, which makes this case unique.
Advances in Automated Valuation Modeling is organized into five interrelated themes or parts: AVMs, mortgage crises, and valuation in person; mortgage crises and experiences in AVMs; AVM methodological challenges dealing with spatial issues; AVM methodological challenges and nondeterministic modeling; and AVM methodological challenges with inputs and models.
sup][2] The treatment of choice for pulmonary AVM is by embolization coiling.
The type shown in our case is Type I, that is, dural AVM.
If you'd like more information about their Custom AVM solutions, or to schedule an interview with them, please email them at: contact@homequant.
AVM manufactures products for broadband connections and intelligent home networking.
The goal of therapy is complete obliteration of the nidus and this may be attempted by surgical excision, intravascular embolotherapy or radiotherapy depending on the characteristics of the AVM and operative risk.
The AVM release bahavior of CA/AVM ultrafine fibers were determined as follows: (17), (18) A precisely weighed sample of CA/AVM ultrafine fibers was put in a dialysis bag and immersed in ethanol + water (30 + 70 by weight; 100 ml in a sealed Erlenmeyer flask) at pH = 7.
For instance, if an AVM knows a property is listed for $350,000 and was appraised last week for $340,000, it is easy to create a valuation estimate very close to the recorded sale price.
We suspected congenital pelvic AVM and performed a pelvic enhanced CT.
What I expect to see--and we are seeing--are new hybrid products that combine AVM technology and use an appraiser to verify data.
Some studies have shown a relationship between outcome and AVM grade for combined treatments (4-7).
Industry insiders said, however, TTE has been invited by the top-three automakers in China and a major brand in Japan to demonstrate its newly developed AVM products.