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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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MP4 60p and AVCHD recordings are not supported for this function.
The new "AVCHD Lite" Logo and the "AVCHD Lite" License are restricted to devices within the AVCHD Video Camera category.
If there's a downside, it's that the AVCHD system is still so new that video editing software has still to catch up, so you may find you're temporarily unable to edit your footage on a PC.
The two companies have been promoting this format extensively throughout the industry and the following companies have expressed their support for AVCHD.
Please visit the AVCHD Information Web Site http://www.
Add video in the most common 3D media formats and create 3D DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs in side-by-side format to play on your 3D TV.
To keep advancing with the times, iOrgosft has upgraded its key products: AVCHD Converter for Mac and Video Editor Mac.
Yuichiro Suzuki, Product Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East, the new AG-HMC41E will deliver improved video performance and greater efficiency: "The HMC41E is an AVCHD format based camcorder that uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.
5 allows conversion of multiple audio and video formats with multiple presets available to users including those for Blu-ray, Adobe Flash, DVD, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, AVCHD, XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD.
The new Handycam HDR-CX7 model is the world's smallest and lightest AVCHD high-definition camcorder.
The AVCHD format allows for recording and playback high-resolution, digital HD images using 8cm DVD media.
The application allows for 4K, stereoscopic 3D, and AVCHD editing, as well as compositing and color-correction.
Support Converting 1080i or 1080p MKV, MPEG-2, AVI, Xvid, DivX, AVCHD, FLV, WebM to 1080p H.
The Viera features the Viera Image Viewer function, which supports JPEG, AVCHD, AVCHD lite and DivX formats.