atrioventricular block

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recurrent sudden attacks of unconsciousness caused by impaired conduction of the impulse that regulates the heartbeat

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On the other hand, other studies specify that maternal antibodies may not constitute an adequate reason for AVB, and it was shown that infants of seropositive mothers had an incidence rate of approximately 1-7.
The Test Suite Pack consists of different protocol conformance test suites for the Avnu Automotive AVB Profile running on a Spirent C50 device with BroadR-Reach network interface cards.
Post MI angina is documented in 40% of patients with inferior wall MI with AVB as compared to 21.
The card turns the control panel into an AVB-enabled device, in turn making the panel's ports available within the entire AVB network.
AVB is wary of the attacking threat posed by the Citizens and insists that they have to be at their best to extract a result.
I think at the end of the day most people believe the wrong decision was taken on Lloris and AVB was let off the hook lightly.
If AVB had the Bale situation on his mind ahead of this game he soon had some new worries, as striker Jermain Defoe appeared to suffer a hamstring injury and limped off.
Symphony Teleca is an end-to-end solution provider for Ethernet AVB, and provides consulting and proof-of-concept development and implementation services including relevant middleware, application components, and full network management, as well as test and validation services.
I like listening to AVB and he's very intelligent, but managers have to be psychologists as well because it's not all about what happens on the field.
ANDRE Villas-Boas, or AVB as those who can't be bothered to write his name in full know him, might not admit it, but losing 3-1 in Naples is probably seen as a letter of resignation in Russian Oligarch speak.
Hills make AVB 2-5 not to be in charge at the Bridge for the start of next season.
Herein, we describe a patient with RA who developed third-degree AVB secondary to prolonged chloroquine treatment.
At the start of the season I tipped Chelsea for the title because I was sure that with such an outlay for a boss Abramovich would back him with time and money, plus AVB knew all about the Bridge after a previous spell under Jose Mourinho.
The Verbal Behavior Approach provides useful information and resources for immediate application, accomplishing the book's main objective, providing for rapid implementation of an AVB program.