atrioventricular node

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a node of specialized heart muscle located in the septal wall of the right atrium

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The only way for electricity from the upper rooms of the heart (the atria) to get down to the lower rooms of the heart (the ventricles) is through the AV node and the normal conduction system.
Electrical signals from the Vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve, slow the heart directly at the SA and AV nodes, In contrast, signals from the sympathetic trunk stimulate the SA and AV nodes and can dramatically increase HR above resting levels.
Postoperative JET (Figure 5B) is the most common postoperative malignant tachyarrhythmia and is caused by a focus of increased automaticity in the AV node or His bundle.
There were no cases of permanent AV block in 151 ablated subjects with AVNRT or AVRT, despite frequent ablations near the AV node, according to the manufacturer.
The AV node then sends the impulses to the Bundle of His.
Harrington suffered from a defect in his AV node, the most common form of SVT.
A section of the AV node mass was stained with elastic van Gieson and counterstained with Gomori trichrome stain (original magnification x200, Figure 3), which highlighted cardiac myocytes at the AV node interrupted by numerous, large, irregular vascular channels, many of which had fragmented parallel lamellae of elastic tissue and an endothelial lining.
In the patients of the control group, the electrophysiological study was indicated to study the AV node and sinus function in 2 patients, atrial flutter in 3 patients, and programmed electrical stimulation in 11 patients.
The AV node connects to a group of special pathways that conduct the signal to the ventricles below.
MSP-2017 is a novel short-acting calcium channel antagonist that has demonstrated modulation of conductivity at the AV node of the heart in preclinical models.
The progressive fibrotic replacement and degenerative changes in the AV node, His bundle, or in the bundle branch can finally cause their fibrotic destruction.
It was first described by Karel Frederik Wenckebach in 1893, before the invention of the electrocardiogram and the discovery of the sinoatrial and AV node.
This confirmed the diagnosis of double electrical connection with AV node situated between upper and lower chambers of heart.