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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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At low micromolar concentrations of BPA (10 [micro]M), we observed a concentration-dependent slowing of AV conduction that began within 15 min of exposure (Table 1).
In addition to reducing deleterious ventricular pacing, SYMPHONY(r) AAIsafeR(tm) 2 includes advanced diagnostic features which offer the physicians a comprehensive insight into the patient's intrinsic AV conduction.
The latest experimental findings show that changes in heart rate and AV conduction can be induced by EMF's within 5 - 10 minutes.
It is therefore crucial that in all suspected cases of TC accompanied by acquired LQTS and extreme prolongation of the QTc interval that factors exacerbating QTc interval prolongation and AV conduction disturbance are minimized.
For example there are PMKs that can activate some algorithms for the treatment of neuromediated cardioinhibitory syncope (for example the function RDR--Rate Drop Response) or to look for the spontaneous AV conduction in order to decrease the percentage of right ventricular pacing (Medtronic MVP Minimal Ventricular Pacing).
The patient's AV conduction can fully be documented through detailed event recordings and intracardiac EGMs (IEGMs).
In Ablate and Pace Trial (APT) (5), radiofrequency catheter ablation of the AV conduction system and permanent pacemaker implantation were associated with significant improvement of overall quality of life in patients with AF who remained highly symptomatic despite standard medical therapy.
Study Will Look Into the Evolution Of AV Conduction Disorders in Pacemaker Patients.
only when normal AV conduction does not occur or occurs too slowly, causing blocks in the heart's natural electrical pathway (AV blocks).
This was not the problem in the current case due to the transition from preexcitation to normal AV conduction in sinus rhythm.