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a terrorist organization in Colombia formed in 1997 as an umbrella for local and regional paramilitary groups

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Jaime Mendoza, associate professor of practice of psychology professor at AUC, who is also on the committee, said he empathizes with smokers who will have to make changes in their social and personal habits, but ultimately, "the overall goal is for all of us to become healthier.
While some studies even present both measures, to our knowledge, only one study has directly compared a range of k and AUC values obtained from the same individuals.
Before the events of January 2011, the majority of AUC Press business was not in its extensive line of Arabic fiction translated into English.
All the parties to the peace deal, however, formally committed to the establishment of the HCSS "by the AUC to investigate and prosecute individuals bearing criminal responsibility for violations of international law and/or applicable South Sudanese law committed from 15 December 2013 through the end of the transitional period.
Through this partnership, GE, along with AUC, is playing a role in the transformation of Egypts entrepreneurial ecosystem, thus supporting the countrys vision to diversify and boost the economy through the empowerment of youth.
Vice President Hurmali reaffirmed the commitment of the GYV to closely work with the AUC towards the two institutions' common goals as well as in the pursuit of the human rights of the African people as provided for in the AUC Strategic Plan and the AU Vision 2063.
The cooperation between ICD and AUC will constitute a platform to strengthen ties between the respective regions and facilitate a consultative / advisory process to address issues that stand in the way of promoting investment and trade flows between ICD and AUC Members States.
Our partnership with AUC opens new doors for collective action by bringing global solutions for the benefit of Africa to promote economic transformation and development," said the World Bank Group's President.
He called on AUC Chairwoman to supportTunisia's adherence to the World Tourism Organisation executive board and its representation to the AUC Peace and Security Council.
The total AUC for triglyceride levels after lunch was lower on no-breakfast days, compared with breakfast days.
Since it joined the AUC in 2010, KUNA has been regularly feeding into the AUC digital library collections of bibliographic recordings; the number of such recordings amounts to 10,127 in addition to the latest media, political and economic publications.
AUC Cabinet chief of staff John Shinkaiye said the result could be a surge in African investment in Bahrain and the GCC.
HRH the Premier received a letter in regard from AUC Chairperson Dr.
Cairo, Jumada I 12, 1433, Apr 4, 2012, SPA -- The Cultural Attache of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Cairo has supported the Saudi students studying at the American University of Cairo (AUC) and who are participating in the annual festival of the People's Day currently holding in AUC.
Telephone calls to AUC, which is closed this semester, were not answered and there was no voice mail service there.