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a nucleotide derived from adenosine that occurs in muscle tissue

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Besides, change trend of some proteins such as myosin was essentially in agreement with the result of Ca2+- ATPase activity assay, indicating the protein denaturation and tissue disruption of grass carp had been happening all the period of cold storage.
Increased Ca++, Mg++, and Na++ K+ ATPase activities erythrocytes of sickle cell anemia.
Nissen, "In and out of the cation pumps: P-type ATPase structure revisited," Current Opinion in Structural Biology, vol.
The essential roles of these residues were also confirmed in F1 by the ATPase activity of T[F.sub.1][[alpha].sub.3][beta][(mutant).sub.3][gamma].
The ATPase detection kits and reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection kit were all obtained from the Nanjing Jiancheng Bioengineering Institute (Nanjing, China).
This gene is a member of the Swi2/Snf2 family, which share an helicase-like ATPase domain that includes a region with seven canonical helicase-related sequence motifs involved in
El Bakkouri et al., "The proton translocation domain of cellular vacuolar ATPase provides a target for the treatment of influenza A virus infections," British Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Myosin ATPase activity was determined as previously described by Simonides and van Hardeveld (12).
The decrease in ATPase activity can result in the development of Diabetic Neuropathy.
Hailey-Hailey disease (HHD; MIM 169600) is a rare chronic autosomal dominant skin disorder resulting from a mutation in APT2C1, which codes for a Ca2+/Mn2+ ATPase protein (hSPCA1) in the Golgi apparatus.
Moreover, the nature of interaction of compound 4 with ABCB1 was studied, using an ATPase assay.
There are some evidences indicating positive role of [Na.sup.+]/[K.sup.+]/ATPase during blastocyst formation in mouse including: (a) polarized dissemination of [Na.sup.+]/[K.sup.+]/ ATPase just before beginning of cavitation, (b) increased [Na.sup.+]/[K.sup.+]/ATPase subunits expression during morula to blastocyst conversion, (c) inhibitory effect of ouabain (as a [Na.sup.+]/[K.sup.+]/ATPase inhibitor) on blastocyst development in some mammalians, and (d) positive role of [Na.sup.+]/[K.sup.+]/ATPase in function of trophectoderm tight junctions (17).
(1969) [Na.sup.+]- [K.sup.+]-activated ATPase and exocrine pancreatic secretion in vitro.
Cholesterol stimulates the PM ATPase at low and high concentrations whereas stigmasterol has stimulating effect at low concentration and inhibitory effect at high concentration (Grandmougin-Feijani et al., 1997).
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