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a nucleotide derived from adenosine that occurs in muscle tissue

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Therefore, the following reading of the mathematical formalism concerning the electron of an hydrogen atom turns out to be permissible: in a given region of ATPS, the ambient situation represented by the Coulomb field created by a proton (i.
One can say that it is the special "state" of ATPS (in this case represented by the Coulomb potential) to "create" matter (in this case the electron being in a stationary state of hydrogen atom).
Then, if we take into account that in Bohm's quantum field theory there is a possible link between the mass of a particle and the quantum potential, and that, in the model suggested here, the appearance of a mass means the appearance of an entropic energy, the following idea turns out to be completely permissible: the quantum waves guide the corresponding particles, through the action of quantum potential, during their motion, in different QS of ATPS.
There is a correspondence between quantum potential and the appearance of entropic energy in the different points of ATPS.
One can suggest that the role of quantum potential is just to transfer a discrete quantity of entropic energy among different QS of ATPS (making thus a particle appear in the QS which compose its trajectory).
1] have energy in the "non entropy state" (and therefore constitute t "empty" ATPS, where matter is absent), QS vibrating at appropriate frequencies (lower than the basic one) assume energy in the "entropy state" and become so material quanta, endowed by mass and therefore perceivable by our senses.
It's the vibration of QS of ATPS at appropriate frequencies, lower than the basic one, that make such QS material particles, endowed with an energy in the "entropy-state," able to modify their state.
The discrete quantity of entropic energy that a quantum of space assumes when it gives origin to an electron depends on the characteristics of the region in exam, on the situation existing in that particular region of ATPS (namely on the type of the interaction to which the quantum of space is subjected).
The universe is an a-temporal phenomenon where ATPS and matter are in a permanent dynamic equilibrium.