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a nucleotide derived from adenosine that occurs in muscle tissue

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A player's ATP Ranking is based on the total points he accrued in the four Grand Slam tournaments; the eight mandatory ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments; the previous ATP World Tour Finals count until the Monday following the final regular-season ATP event of the following year; the best six results from all ATP World Tour 500, ATP World Tour 250, ATP Challenger Tour, Futures Series, Olympics and Davis Cup tournaments played in the calendar year.
The band near 1031 cm-1 was attributed to the in-layer Si-O-Si stretching, and that at 801 cm-1 may correspond to the Al-O-Si bond in ATP [8].
It's fantastic news for men's professional tennis that a brand of Emirates' global stature has pledged their support to the ATP World Tour for the next five years," said Brad Drewett, the executive chairman and President of the ATP.
We're delighted to welcome Emirates as the official airline of the ATP World Tour," said Brad Drewett, ATP Executive Chairman and President.
This tie up with the ATP World Tour and Rankings is a perfect addition to our existing portfolio of global sports sponsorships.
Sample treatment is critical to accurate measurement of plasma ATP concentration.
Next, the team worked with mutated mice that were unable to transport ATP into cells.
Next, Kinnamon's team experimented with mice genetically altered to lack certain receptors that carry ATP into cells.
ATP Mercedes-Benz Cup semifinals from UCLA, Fox Sports Net, 3 p.
Chapters 5 and 6 then provide the underlying theory and describe the calculi for the two ATP systems, chapter 5 corresponding to HERBY and chapter 6 corresponding to THEO.
We believe that all businesses dependent on microtechnology, nanotechnology, and miniaturization will benefit from our proposed program and we applaud the NIST ATP for having the foresight to stimulate the growth of this crucial and emerging technology.
How does it convert the energy carried by the cell's universal energy currency, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), into linear movement along the cell's microtubule tracks?
But after researchers boosted ATP to a certain concentration, it inhibited bioluminescence and began to kill cells.
Since only small amounts of ATP are stored in muscle, the body must constantly replenish ATP.