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a nucleotide derived from adenosine that occurs in muscle tissue

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The ATP have launched an investigation and are reviewing the case under the "major offence" rule -- hence the severity of the possible sanction.
ATP 2-01.3, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.
ATP's founder and major shareholder Alan Smart was advised on the cross-border sale by Roy Farmer and Rob Wilson of Dains and Lodders Solicitors.
Smart said, 'April 2019 marks ATP's 50th year in business and I felt it was an appropriate time to secure the next phase of ATP's continued growth.
As there are no single-engine Part 135 or 121 operations that require an ATP, what was once a rating obtained by pilots who had taken the ATP written, weren't in a financial position to take the multi-engine ATP checkride within 24 months and didn't want to have to take the written again, is now a rating almost no one pursues unless flying a single under circumstances where insurance requires an ATP.
The 2020 season will kick off with the inaugural ATP Cup -- a new team event that has been strategically integrated into the calendar to serve as a major curtain raiser to the ATP season.
ATP Acapulco-ATP/WTA, Dubai-ATP & Sao Paulo-ATP early rounds, (same-day tape) 12:30 a.m.
GTT will transport broadcast-quality video feeds of ATP 250 tournaments from ATP Media's remote production hub in London to its licensees and rights holders.
The email added that 'the governance structure of the ATP favors the interests of the tournaments and its (their) owners ...
In this context, Diederichs also establishes the matching of ATP demand and ATP delivery.
The 2018 ATP World Tour is the global elite men's professional tennis circuit organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals for the 2018 tennis season.
ATP 3-37.2 A manual that establishes Army guidance on integrating and
An ATP is required for Part 121 (scheduled and non-scheduled airline) and most Part 135 (commuter and on-demand) operations.
Summary: London [UK], November 12 (ANI): The season-ending ATP World Tour Finals has kicked off here at the O2 Arena on Sunday and the first day of the tournament will mark the presence of Tennis ace and world no.
Damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), contribute to the induction of an immune response to allergens by activation and recruitment of various inflammatory cell types [4].