automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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The Punjab government has asked the inspector general of police to submit a report on establishing a specialised police unit and training them in dealing with cybercrime so thefts via ATM machines can be checked.
Offsite ATM machines are more desired than onsite ATM's in the ATM market as they are conveniently located in multiplexes, shopping malls, and entertainment centers, making access easy and convenient.
According to media reports, these water ATM machines will be installed in collaboration with Information Technology University and University of Colorado America and the purpose behind this move is to supply quality water to citizens free of cost.
A TEENAGER jailed three years for torching an ATM machine in return for BD25, causing BD20,000 worth of damages, has lost an appeal against his conviction.
Any suspicious activity around ATM machines should be reported immediately.
49 ATM machines for each 1,000 people in Pakistan as compared to 290 machines in South Korea for each 1,000 people, 173 machines in US, 42.
Prosecutors claim the men inserted a specially designed device into ATM machines, which read credit and debit card details, before a customer withdrew cash.
The court indicted him of training two other accomplices, giving them money to buy equipment and supplying them with mobile phones to manufacture the explosives which were used in blowing up the ATM machines.
Two crooks who placed small cameras on ATM machines in Sharjah to record customer PIN numbers and then stole cash from their accounts have been arrested.
FOUR men who were involved in a plot to steal debit and credit cards by fitting 'entrapment devices' to ATM machines in Coventry have been jailed.
The Boracay Tourist Assistance Center, the island's police office, issued the warning following the discovery last week of skimming devices on two ATM machines at the D' Mall commercial complex on the 1,032-hectare island.
Every bank has specialised mechanical technicians in charge of installing, diagnosing, and fixing ATM machines.
Summary: Morocco's interior ministry on Monday said it has dismantled a "terrorist cell" consisting of three individuals who were plotting attacks against government buildings and ATM machines.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates NBD, and its subsidiary Network International announced, that all its ATM machines in the UAE have been enabled with the Dynamic Currency Conversion, or DCC service, to reflect the amount in the cardholder's billing currency for foreign credit cards.
By TOM TUITE TWO teenagers were yesterday charged in connection with a house raid where a man was brought to ATM machines and forced to withdraw money.