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a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash

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This led the police to suspect that the perpetrators used stolen ATM card data to steal the money.
He said that each ATM card holder will receive Rs 6000.
She said customers' keenness to use the ID card as ATM card proves their trust in the UAE's digital infrastructure.
Figure 6-3: Percent Using Debit or ATM Card for Cash in Last 30 Days, Latinos vs.
For our ATM card customers, the conversion to Chip and PIN brings even more advantages.
Dubai Customs seizes 11 ATM card cases and thousand of electronic chips
Two warnings: Before you go, notify your credit card and ATM card companies of your travel plans--where you will be and when.
Bill Payment Options: MoU's have been signed with Sui Southern Gas Company for payment of gas bills via MCB ATM card.
a leading manufacturer of iris recognition products, to pilot the use of ATM cards for purchasing music products at MP3's website using Sensar's iris recognition devices and Cash Tech's EMMA transaction processing system.
Those who don t have a credit card will, in future, be able to use an ATM card to make purchases online provided the retailer offers this payment process, known as Maestro SecureCode .
The police officer allegedly took out the ATM card from the wallet and withdrew Dh5,000 from an ATM before throwing the wallet with all the cards in a garbage bin.
He was also charged with stealing an ATM card and a wallet containing cash.
Also ATM card have been allotted to those IDPs posses identity cards whereas a number of people within refugees bearing no CNIC.
Findings also revealed that an overwhelming 84 percent of all cardholders are satisfied with the current functionality of their ATM card.
In only one year, Easypaisa has reached a milestone of more than 250,000 ATM card users.