asynchronous transfer mode

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a means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds

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The N3 ATM NIC card provides powerful, cost effective Internet connectivity to PCI-based personal computers.
Interphase, a leading provider of networking products, is the first ATM NIC vendor to add support for the emerging MPOA capabilities to its wide range of NICs.
an AMP company, Monday introduced the CELLerity 1150 ATM PCI "mini" Network Interface Cards (NIC), the industry's smallest ATM NIC, measuring 4.
To further interoperability, Ipsilon provides reference implementations and source code to ATM NIC, LAN switch, and router vendors wanting to support IP Switching directly.
We are truly the ATM NIC gold standard and our successful, continuous interoperability testing program proves it.
CQ0101M4), includes detailed equipment vendor market shares for MulitService WAN switches sold to service providers and enterprises, ATM LAN switches, and ATM NICs, as well as a rolling three-quarter forecast of the ATM market.
Sales of ATM LAN switches dropped 4 percent and ATM NICs sales dropped 16 percent in Q499.
Olicom will be offering broad Linux support across our entire product line of Token Ring, Ethernet and ATM NICs," said Hog.
The rise in market share firmly places Olicom as the second-largest vendor of ATM NICs in the world.