automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Earlier in March, in a similar kind of incident an ATM machine of the State Bank of India was stolen from Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir.
After stealing the licence plate number I wore an abaya, niqab and gloves and headed to the ATM machine in Busaiteen," he said in his statement to the Public Prosecution.
The details of the incidents go back to January, when the Fujairah Police Operations Room received calls about a money exchange in Fujairah where someone had stolen dirhams and some other currencies, and someone stealing a safe from a construction company, which was fortunately empty, in addition to an attempt to steal an ATM machine from a national bank.
The court indicted him of training two other accomplices, giving them money to buy equipment and supplying them with mobile phones to manufacture the explosives which were used in blowing up the ATM machines.
The victims who were rushed to the hospital told the police that they took the bags of money from their specially equipped car and were walking to the ATM machine when two men of dark complexion, believed to be Africans in late thirties and wearing trousers and shirts, attacked them with staser guns.
Skimming involves the installation of devices including ATM card readers and surveillance cameras on ATM machines.
Meanwhile, a second group of raiders tried to rob an ATM machine at a service station in Cork.
PC Rhiannon Wright said: "The ATM machine is checked by staff on a regular basis.
Unidentified men cut away the ATM machine of Punjab National Bank situated on National Highway- 24 at Pilkhuwa using gas cutters, the police said.
The raiders attached one end of a chain to a vehicle and the other around the ATM machine but their efforts to uproot it failed after the raid yesterday morning.
of Chicago hanger-on Ward Smything III "(aka Leon Stem)" asserts, "People are not really saying ATM machine or PIN number, rather A.
Defense Fund for every ATM machine ordered using the promotion code "ATMIA2012".
A TEENAGER jailed three years for torching an ATM machine in return for BD25, causing BD20,000 worth of damages, has lost an appeal against his conviction.
We desperately need an international ATM machine, we just cant afford to listen to how foreigners and local tourists are eager to spend some more in Anda but are running out of cash, Amper said.
Police were called to the Co-op, on Church Road, in Bebington, after the device was discovered attached to an ATM machine earlier this month.