automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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I then tried to withdraw a second time and saw another man (the defendant) using an ATM machine near me.
The gang, which consisted of four Emiratis and one Asian, stole money from a money exchange, a metal safe from a construction company, one ATM machine and attempted to steal another and a money deposit machine that belonged to a telecommunication company.
2 million have been stolen from ATM machines of private banks.
Manama- Jan19 (BNA) Two people accused of blowing up ATM machines in Sanad and Sitra last February have been sentenced each to fifteen years in prison.
The police Operations Room received information around 11pm on Sunday about the theft of money that took place near an ATM machine in Muhaisnah area.
The ATM machine which the post office is applying for is desperately needed for the village as a whole, particularly the elderly people.
The fake ATM machine was placed by the robbers in a busy central part of Beijing and advertised that all major international credit cards were accepted.
Four masked men pulled the ATM machine from the wall using adigger before loading it on the back of a low-loader.
PC Rhiannon Wright said: "The ATM machine is checked by staff on a regular basis.
9 lakh from an ATM machine of a nationalised bank in Greater Noida on Wednesday.
He is also suspected to be behind an attempt to burn an ATM machine in another part of the city on Saturday.
The raiders attached one end of a chain to a vehicle and the other around the ATM machine but their efforts to uproot it failed after the raid yesterday morning.
of Chicago hanger-on Ward Smything III "(aka Leon Stem)" asserts, "People are not really saying ATM machine or PIN number, rather A.