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Synonyms for atm

a unit of pressure: the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade

a means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds

an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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The ATM Forum and the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance Technical Committees will continue previously established projects, operating as Working Groups under a unified Technical Committee.
The big winner in this merger is the telecommunications industry," said Marlis Humphrey of Harris Corporation, chairman of the board, The ATM Forum.
In addition to the MPLS Forum, Vivace Networks continues to play an active role in other industry standards bodies and organizations, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), ATM Forum and Metro Ethernet Forum.
Sweatt is currently the Chairman of the ATM Forum Marketing Committee focused on Broadband Exchange, and is an active voting member on several editing committees for the ITU, ETSI NGN, ATM Forum, IEEE, and IETF.
The MPLS Forum also completed the next phase on five different MPLS technical specifications including progressing two MPLS conformance testing specifications for final member ballot, three MPLS interoperability testing specifications for final technical review as well as adopting a working text on MPLS/ATM interworking and responding to liaison communications with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the ATM Forum.
Malis, vice chair, MPLS Forum and chief technologist, Vivace Networks, said: "The development of the Frame Relay and ATM UNI interface specifications, by the Frame Relay Forum and the ATM Forum respectively, led to the extremely successful commercial deployment of public Frame Relay and ATM services.