life support

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equipment that makes life possible in otherwise deadly environmental conditions

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medical equipment that assists or replaces important bodily functions and so enables a patient to live who otherwise might not survive

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After taking ethical approval from CPSP ethical review board, a specially designed survey forms were emailed to 200 participants who did ATLS course from January 2008 till December 2016.
Did the ATLS program have an overall beneficial effect on your patient management skills?
The transaction will provide ATLS unitholders better transparency for its limited and general partner interests in Atlas Resource Partners and Atlas Pipeline Partners
ATLS intends to take Atlas Resource Partners public by distributing to ATLS unitholders common units representing an approximately 19.
Resource America intends to distribute its remaining ATLS shares to REXI's common stockholders in the form of a tax-free dividend anticipated to occur by the end of 2004.