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Synonyms for angiotensin

any of several vasoconstrictor substances (trade name Hypertensin) that cause narrowing of blood vessels

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2 Medication Use Total Number (n) % of Total Sample ACE Inhibitor 19 90% ATII Antagonist 1 5% Beta Blocker 21 100% Diuretic 19 90% Calcium Channel Blocker 2 10% Nitrate 8 38% Anti-Coagulant 15 71% Antiarrhythmic 13 62% ACE = Angiotensin Converting Enzyme; ATII = Angiotensin Two.
Efficacy of ACE inhibitors and ATII receptor blockers in patients with microalbuminuria: a prospective study.
A esto cabe llamarlo estado de condenacion, reservando a la teologia la determinacion estricta de la nocion: ATII, 264.
JOHN DAWKES FCA, ATII, Chairman, Kington and Dormston Parish Council.
Identification in alveolar epithelial cells has led to the implication of RAGE in important developmental processes such as morphological differentiation and increased adherence that characterize the transitioning of cuboidal surfactant-secreting ATII cells to squamous ATI cells (Buckley and Ehrhardt 2010).