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a family of proteins found in blood and milk and muscle and in plant seed

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Both companies are looking forward to continued momentum as we bring the world class ATG and Oracle combination to market.
In making its operations truly multi-channel, the retailer has turned to ATG to better its ecommerce site and increase the number of touch points consumers have with the company.
ATG Self-Service, ATG's natural language processing search engine, enables customers to find and act on the exact information they need, regardless of format, location or language.
As internet commerce continues to grow, more and more companies will demand this kind of functionality, and that's why we've brought it to our hosted, software-as-a-service offer, ATG OnDemand.
The flexibility of ATG Commerce really put it over the top as the clear choice over other products we looked at.
ATG expects to provide an update on its acquisition of eStara during its third quarter 2006 earnings call later this month.
Forrester also writes that ATG Commerce "continues to feature best-in-class personalization and has augmented its core product with sophisticated search merchandising and analytics, making it a good fit for firms looking to run a sophisticated and optimized online business.
Under the terms of the agreement, ATG will acquire all of the outstanding common stock, preferred stock, vested and unvested stock options of eStara for approximately 15.
Representing a vast improvement over other so-called "searchandising" capabilities, ATG now offers the only solution that integrates catalog search and Web store merchandising functionality, to ensure that online shoppers more easily find merchandise, in a way that fits the merchandisers' strategy.
ATG Customer Intelligence -- a completely integrated set of datamart and reporting capabilities that gives ATG customers the insights they need to fully understand their customers.
ATG Commerce OnDemand provides the features that drive revenue through an e-commerce site, while giving companies such as New York & Company the tools and utilities it needs to make the process as easy and inspiring as possible.
Next Generation e-Commerce: ATG customers Neiman Marcus and American Eagle Outfitters will discuss how they are driving strong growth in their online business volume.
By using ATG to power our website, we expect to deliver an equally unique, personal and relevant shopping experience for our online customers.