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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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The propositions show that the limits of Atan at 0 and [infinity] are [l.
We've won this contest a few times and I'm hoping Atan can run a nice race.
A Yemeni official said the airstrikes were hoping to destroy Scud missiles known to be at Fag Atan.
However, scholars like Luan, Aziz, Yunus, Sidek, Bakar, Meseran & Atan (2005) have observed that there is a gender gap in the use of ICTs.
Performers danced on the beat of drums and presented famous tribal dance Atan.
Atan ve Tuncelm (1) imzali Turk Uroloji Dergisi'nde yayinlanmis olan "Ureter taslari icin medikal ekspulsif tedavi" baslikli derlemeyi ilgi ile okudum.
Currently topping the national bowling averages with 24 wickets atan average of 17 and with six championship half-centuries, Allenby has taken five wickets and scored successive 50s in the T20 wins over Gloucestershire and Hampshire.
The nitrogen and phosphorous they contain overfertilize the algae and phytoplankton that grow on or near the surface of the water, causing the plants to grow atan unnaturally high rate.
Where Loo have haemorrhaged points Stour are leaking quality three quarters atan alarming rate with Jon Higgins out for the season and Martin Freeman and John Holtby in Hong Kong.
Atan Cagdas put Cotbus ahead but a stunning hat-trick from Ukraine striker Andriy Voronin gave Hertha the points.
National Cancer Society of Malaysia's advisor Datuk Zuraidah Atan said she had been inundated with calls from the survivors who were confused and apprehensive over the edict or fatwa.
Today is a historic day in Anbar province", said Khamis Atan, the province's deputy governor.
Contrast comes when the kids befriend fatherless tomboy Atan, aka Ayu (Amira Nasuha Binti Shahiran), easily a match for their rambunctiousness but with a nurturing mother (Mislina Mustaffa) whose maternal remonstrations and care are the polar opposite of Sui's nonexistent parenting skills.
Despite the veneer of respectability, Atan is an enormous festering embarrassment for ExxonMobil" Ghazvinian writes, "a living, breathing metaphor for the failure of the Doba drilling operation to bring meaningful development to the people of Chad.
The Tyneside-based athlete, bidding to make his mark before this year's World Championships in Osaka, not only won the competition but earned a morale-boosting win over Nikolay Atan (Bulgaria), who came second with 8:10m, and the reigning Commonwealth champion Ignisious Gaisah (Ghana).