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a revised version of the King James Version

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can produce ASV within a period one year to meet the requirements of Sindh if funds are provided in time.
The domestic season gets under way again in September, and the ASV Academy players will look to be at the forefront once again.
Pursuant to the agreement, ASV will provide Rish Equipment Company with its full line of compact track loaders, featuring ASV's proprietary and unique Posi-Track undercarriage system, which represents the dealer's entrance into this market.
We launched our inaugural ASV Corporate Games this year and 18 businesses have been battling it out in sports including rowing, table tennis, touch rugby, diving, football and volleyball.
(NYSE: TEX), which owns 34% of the outstanding shares of ASV, has entered into a stockholder voting agreement in support of the merger.
'We have received 2,000 polyvalent ASV produced at the Instituto Clodomiro Picado (ICP), University of Costa Rica, which treats bites from all venomous snakes in Nigeria.
In the present case, the patient was bitten by an elapid snake identified as cobra; he developed neuroparalysis, requiring mechanical ventilation, along with severe HTN as well as tachycardia but had a favorable outcome due to timely initiation of ASV and other supportive measures.
Peel was so impressed by the demonstration that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ASV to see where the unmanned vessels can be used elsewhere in the UK.
Both teams, one of which was the affirmative team (Catholic school center aSv. Josip' from Sarajevo) which presented the arguments in favor of the cash payment, and the other one was the negation team (PI High school center aIstoAna IlidA3/4a' from IstoAno Sarajevo) which argued for non-cash payment, have shown excellent preparation and knowledge in the finance area, the maturity in the way of thinking and fair commenting on the other team's positions.
Indeed, when the investigators divided patients into quintiles of ASV, the top quintile in terms of triglyceride variability had a 34% greater risk of coronary events, a 31% increase in risk of cardiovascular events, a 63% increase in stroke, a 65% increase in nonfatal MI, and a 92% greater likelihood of new-onset diabetes compared with patients in the lowest quintile of ASV In contrast, these risks were not significantly elevated in the second, third, and fourth quintiles.
The three most commonly used methods for testing blood lead levels are inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS), and anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV):
At the secondary and tertiary level hospitals, several treatment protocols and schedules were being followed for Anti-Snake Venom (ASV) administration, mainly based on foreign textbooks.
Arctic Solar Ventures (ASV) is another up and coming business with principals who were all born and raised in Alaska.
A full set of Zeiss's ASV turret rings--nine in all--is included with each of the large-magnification scopes.
They're built on 36mm tubes--an unusual choice but one the company says allows a wide range of adjustment for the V8's ASV bullet-drop compensating system.