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a revised version of the King James Version

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This agreement allows ASV Global to expand the use of the software, the intellectual property of which lies with Dstl.
In August, ASV was working on a commercial project for the building at 880 H Street in Anchorage.
All patients responded to treatment and ASV restarted and full dose completed.
reviewed the laboratory procedures of ASV production at the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
The 287th Military Police Company, 97th Military Police Battalion, conducted a week-long ASV gunnery training exercise at the Douthit Gunnery Complex, Fort Riley.
Following the acquisition, ASV will operate as a joint venture between Manitex and Terex, with the vendor retaining control over the remaining 49% of the business.
ASV injections are supposed to be provided from the government hospitals free of cost under the ' Chief Minister's Free Medicine Scheme'.
Our hypothesis was that Intellivent-ASV is safe and provides ventilation that results in arterial blood gas (ABG) results that are at least equivalent to ASV or SIMV.
To overcome the disadvantages of LC_RAB, the robust capon beamformer (RCB) [12,13] is proposed with aspherical uncertainty set about the ASV of SOI.
Doctors and nurses in both the hospitals were trained for a day on the selection of cases, 20MWBC test, the dose, the use of ASV and the use of adrenaline and anti-histamines following a standard protocol.
In continuously improving their offering, ASV are doing their bit to encourage and inspire people to get more active.
Yesterday: Svitzer Redbridge, Tyne; ASV Pioneer, Tees; Vohburg, Rotterdam; Saamis Adventurer, Bayonne; Herm, Grangemouth; Seychelles Pride, NOT KNOWN; Americas Spirit, Tetney Terminal.
Graham has joined at a very exciting period for Ferguson Modular and the ASV division as we continue to invest heavily as part of our ongoing, ambitious international growth strategy,'' said Salter.
provided the first glimpse of Terex branded compact track loaders (CTLs), following the company's $488 million acquisition of ASV Inc.
The compact equipment line includes both Terex-branded compact track loaders, featuring the ASV patented PosiTrack undercarriage technology, including compact excavators, compact wheel loaders, site dumpers, tractor loader backhoes, light towers, telehandlers, power buggies, and tandem asphalt rollers.