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standard time in the 4th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 60th meridian

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AST, which was Founded in 1971 by the Anglican, Roman Catholic and United Church denominations, draws faculty from a range of traditions.
Ultimately, the Service, MSSTA, AST and T entered into a closing agreement, in which they agreed that MSSTA would realize an $800,000 gain on the transaction, resulting in an unpaid tax liability of $165,000.
Total AST activities were measured by an Olympus AU-560 automated analyzer (Olympus, Tokyo, Japan) with a commercially available kit (Wako Pure Chemical Co.
which first invested in AST in 1995, has provided ongoing financial and operational support.
Analysts see the lower-cost PC as one way for AST to distinguish itself as it recovers from its financial troubles.
We are very excited to have Rachel join our team," said John Siemann, Executive Vice President of AST Phoenix Advisors.
What's more, AST faces renewed efforts in the consumer retail channel by newcomers Digital Equipment Corp.
Rebranding to AST Phoenix Advisors is a strategic move to further align our businesses," noted Mark C.
AST computers are found in about 7,500 retail storefronts in the U.
A veteran within the industry, Mike brings more than 30 years of trade experience to AST.
AST said in its suit that it acquired the option to pay reduced patent royalty rates to Texas Instruments.
AST Fund Solutions will leverage industry-leading technology, which AST is known for investing in, to provide greater value to clients through new features and integrated solutions.
Additionally, as the industry continues to evolve, our service model favorably positions AST and its affiliates for the future.
As the new Sales Manager, Charlie Russella will be responsible for sales, services and marketing for AST Capital Trust.
Selecting AST as our partner in Israel was an easy choice, with their knowledge of the market and strong customer relationships.