anti-submarine rocket

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a shipboard system to fire rockets at submarines

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Although not strictly relevant to the present discussion, it may be noted that the Lockheed Martin NE&SS RUM-139 Vertical Launch Asroc (VLA) was introduced in 1993, providing CG-47, DD-51 and DD-963 vessels with the ability to deliver a Mk 46 torpedo against intermediate-range submarines.
"Before I bought them, I asked several times: `Are you sure you are going to include this stuff in the sale?'" In addition to the ASROC launcher, he found military manuals, unopened boxes of parts and documents stamped "Confidential." When he told DND about the documents, the Department advised him to ignore the confidential stamp because the documents had probably been declassified.
Armament: Standard missile; Harpoon; Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) missiles; Tomahawk; six MK-46 torpedoes (front two triple tube mounts); one 5-inch/54 caliber MK-45 lightweight gun: two 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Armament: MK 26 missile launcher (CG 49 through CG 51); Standard Missile (MR) or MK 41 vertical hunching system (CG 52 through CG 73); Standard Missile (MR); Vertical Launch ASROC (VIA) Tomahawk Cruise Missile; Six MK-46 torpadoes (from two triple mounts); Two MK 45 5-inch/54 caliber lightweight guns; Two Phalanx close-in-weapons systems (OWS)
Antisubmarine missiles (Asroc and Subroc), submarine-launched antisurface missiles (Harpoon and Tomahawk), and Tomahawk land-attack missiles also are chronicled.
The RIM-66C became the Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) in its MR version, the RGM-66D was an anti-ship anti-radiation weapon, and the RGM-66E was an anti-radiation missile (ARM) fired from an ASROC launcher.
Aircraft: Two SH-2 Seasprite (LAMPS) in CG 47-48; Two SH-60 Sea Hawk (LAMPS III) Crew: 24 Officers, 340 Enlisted Armament: MK-26 missile launcher (CG 47 thru CG 51); Standard Missile (MR) or MK-41 vertical launching system (CG 52 thru CG 73); Standard Missile (MR); Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) Missile; Tomahawk Cruise Missile; Six MK-46 torpedoes (from two triple mounts); Two MK-45 5-inch/54 caliber lightweight guns; Two Phalanx close-in weapons systems.
Armament includes vertically-launched Standard SM-2 medium-range surface-to-air missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, Harpoon antiship missiles and the ASROC anti-submarine missile.
(76) This system is no "silver bullet," as the Chinese would still have severe, perhaps insurmountable, targeting and cueing problems, but successful acquisition and deployment of ASROCs would extend the engagement range of Chinese ASW weapons significantly.