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the sign language used in the United States

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Research indicates that deaf children who are immersed in both ASL and English achieve language milestones on time and on track with language and literacy development.
ASL uses Kodak Flexcel NX Plates for all its label production and, since the installation of its Flexed NX System in September 2008, has invested considerable effort in the optimization and standardization of its print production process.
ASL is not a language designed merely as an aid to a disability, as parts of the White House response seems to suggest.
Henry Angus, Export Sales Director for ASL, said: "We were delighted to be a finalist in the prestigious Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards.
Medical logisticians must understand and use the ASL review board process to synchronize class VIII stockage levels with customer demands and mission requirements.
By virtue of deeper integration via the ASL API, DART Search advertisers may now manage the bids for their ASL keywords directly through the DART Search tool, without needing to interface with the ASL Client Console.
Through Sorenson VRS, a qualified ASL interpreter appears on the screen, connects the individuals, and relays the conversation between them.
With more than 2,000 installed worldwide, the ASL 1000 and ASL 3000 platforms are proven test-floor workhorses with the throughput, reliability, accuracy and low cost of test that make this platform ideal for cost sensitive test applications," said Dave Ranhoff, president and chief executive officer of Credence Systems Corporation.
These VRS interpreting centers connect deaf individuals with the hearing world--allowing them to communicate in ASL, their native language.
HOVRS en Espanol" is being delivered to customers in partnership with ASL Services Inc.
In reply comments filed in the Commissioner's TRS Rate Methodology proceeding, Sorenson Communications described the growing demand for ASL interpreters in all areasCofrom community agencies to schools to VRS providers and beyond.
has purchased multiple ASL 3000(TM) and ASL 1000(TM) mixed-signal test systems.
This video relay service is a breakthrough for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals whose primary language is ASL because it allows them to use their own native language during calls to hearing individuals.
Supply, and related services, of total 2 autoemoteche for structural adjustment and technological Transfusion Service (DMT) ASL BA.
Credence Systems Corporation today announced that Infiniti Solutions Pte Ltd (ISPL) has purchased multiple ASL 3000(TM) and ASL 1000(TM) test systems.