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a stock exchange in New York


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ASE is obtained by various gentle and non-denaturing selective fractioning and purification steps, making it possible to target a fraction of natural oat polyoses with a specific structure and molar mass, naturally presenting a high tensor capacity.
Speed and agility in the ASE acquisition process allowed Vietnam-era warriors to get inside the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) Loop of their enemy, not only in the F-4 but also in numerous other aircraft that benefited from the new technology As more advanced ASE systems were developed, PMA272's commodity approach allowed rapid integration of systems such as the ALE-39, ALE-47, ALQ-165, and advanced chaff and flares into multiple platforms.
Contact: Ronnie Kweller, ASE, phone 202-530-2203; Chris Kielich, DOE, phone 202-586-5806.
The ASE Group is the world's largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test.
The publication will be distributed free of charge to state legislators and state-related legislative organizations and is available on the ASE website at http://www.
We are delighted to welcome the high-performance Sybase ASE data management solution to the nearly 100 certified and optimized applications for the SGI Altix family, including the new SGI Altix 350 mid-range server.
In earlier, nonintegrated ASE architectures, the detectable modes (i.
ASE Kaohsiungs ISO 28000 accreditation underscores ASEs continuous pursuit to be a world class outsourced assembly and test service provider and a company that adheres to established global standards covering quality and security management, said KC Chou, Senior VP, ASE Kaohsiung.
The National Defense Energy Savings Act [(NDESA)] is a huge step forward for energy efficiency, environmental protection, wise use of taxpayer dollars and increased national security," said ASE vice president Mark Hopkins.
Sybase and SGI are committed to the optimization, support, sales and marketing of ASE for technical and creative applications, which are typically critical to an enterprise.
Sybase Customers Benefit from Implementing ASE 15; New Resources and Support from ISV's Accelerate ASE 15 Adoption
SAP ASE provides high-performance, proven reliability and lower total cost of ownership that many applications rely on, including SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Solution Manager as well as a number of partner and custom solutions with extreme transaction processing requirements.
ASE executives pointed out that the combination is based on the idea of sharpening the two companies' competitiveness by integrating their resources.
Sybase also announced ASE will provide support for Apple's WebObjects, allowing application developers using Apple's WebObjects full support from ASE's rich feature set.