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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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The likes of Telewest have brought the matter into their own hands by introducing Cable Modem technology, which offers the same amount of 'always on' bandwidth over the Cable TV network for a smaller subscription fee than BT's ASDL.
NTT will make an additional charge to new subscribers for setting up the line which enables PC users to receive the ASDL service.
The new ASDL series of high-performance IR emitters and detectors further expands Avago's ability to provide customers with a wide range of low-cost IR emitters and detectors in a variety of package options and sizes.
ASDL will potentially yield up to 2Mbits right into their living rooms.
The service uses ASDL technology - especially designed to convert traditional copper wire telephone lines into an advanced digital carrier, capable of taking enough data to provide quality videos.
This release contains forward-looking information relating to Zoom's plans, expectations and intentions, including statements relating to Zoom's prospects and plans for selling dial-up modems, cable and ASDL modems, the anticipated benefits Zoom will receive as a result of V.
Rival content providers will now have the choice of investing millions doing their own upgrades on BT's wires - when Oftel allows it in July, 2001 - or paying BT to use ready-made ASDL lines almost straight away.
As part of their migration toward IP-based technologies, the Petrol IT department has started to replace all ISDN and frame-relay links between headquarters and remote offices with ASDL connections, with the expectation to be 70% operational for early 2003.
BT Retail is committed to providing UK customers with faster Internet access and aims to have made one million ASDL connections in the UK by summer 2003," said Doyle.
With its own country code and independent numbering system, access to telecommunications satellites and underwater cable systems, and a privileged economic and geographic environment, Monaco Telecom is developing its strategies along a number of paths: increasing international activity and satellite capacity, developing multimedia products and services, offering and excellent help line with a third generation call center, responding to the growing need for transporting multimedia content, and producing value added products such as ASDL and UMTS.
PACE recently provided installation and training support to ASDL students and research engineers involved in various aerospace design projects, including student and design competitions of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).
Our partnership with Alcatel enabled the development of an ASDL bridge and router reference design that gives our customers a significant time-to-market advantage coupled with a guarantee of interoperability with the mainstream DSLAM products in the market place," said Jean-Charles Bouzigues, business development manager for IDT's Internetworking Product Division.
In 2004, PizzaExpress implemented a network upgrade from ISDN to ASDL connectivity for faster, more reliable communication capabilities.