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a text file that contains only ASCII characters without special formatting

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The listing is saved by the word processor as a standard Apple ASCII text file.
From the Reliance GPS, we downloaded an ASCII text file into AutoCAD Map, a task supported by GenMap's import function," Weber said.
Win Fax and Fox Pro, enhanced ODBC and ASCII Text file support.
Data may also be exported via an ASCII text file into Time Line, On Target, Project Scheduler 6, CA-SuperProject, or SureTrak Project Scheduler for traditional project scheduling and tracking.
TextAssist is compatible with any system running Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and is able to read from ASCII text files, word processing documents, e-mails, HTML documents, and more.
HTML files offer significant improvements in quality and readability over ASCII text files, which streamlines the proofing process.
0 provides new technology applications and improvements in already existing features, including the way the server and client communicate, the use of a database instead of ASCII text files for the dictionaries/logs and improved reporting.
0 in a short amount of time by importing existing data from Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Rational Requisite(R)Pro, or even ASCII text files.
The NETEZ API communications protocol is network independent because it based on ASCII text files.
The latest version of TextAssist is an advanced reader agent running on Windows 95/98/NT that empowers the PC with the ability to synthesize human voices and read text out loud from any Windows text-editing application -- ASCII text files, word processing documents, e-mails, HTML documents, and more.
Data import from Microsoft Project(R), Microsoft Word(R), and ASCII text files allows users to preserve existing data and be up and running quickly.
The fax processing capabilities of OmniVox have been enhanced with two new commands and a new utility: The Faxappend Command combines pieces of various faxes and/or ASCII text files, and merges them into one fax document; The Faxcover Command generates a fax cover sheet, allowing for receiver-specific information to be inserted.
in ASCII text files, HTML format files, or print it out on paper.
NETBuilder ASCII Load Configuration - Network managers can store configuration files off-line in ASCII text files, allowing off-line manipulation using a standard ASCII text editor.
The Script Builder walks administrators through creating software distribution tasks such as copying and deleting files or directories, creating and renaming directories, synchronizing the contents of one directory to another, editing ASCII text files, and editing sections in Windows.