American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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(62) Actuality is prior to potentiality "also in substance (Greek text cannot be converted in ASCII text), first because things later in coming to be are prior in form and in substance, as man is to child and human being to seed, for the former has the form already whereas the latter does not; and second because everything coming to be proceeds to a principle and an end (for that for the sake of which is a principle, and coming to be is for the sake of the end), and the actuality (Greek text cannot be converted in ASCII text) is an end, and the potentiality is received for the sake of (Greek text cannot be converted in ASCII text) this" (Metaphysics 9.8.1050a4-10).
Other scanners convert the image data into ASCII text through Optical Character Reader (OCR) technology.
Customers who aren't happy with the IBM tools to move OfficeVision/400 documents to Lotus Notes should check out a small Belgian company called Inventive Designers, which offers a native AS/400 alternative to Notes called EverGreen/400 as well as a migration toolkit that takes RTF or FFT documents created in OfficeVision and converts them to ASCII text or HTML formats.
For example, it is much easier to deliver a full-text journal article to a community of users as an ASCII text than as ink on paper--assuming that the computer hardware, software, and network are in place and functioning.
(1) The unstated assumption of the Regulation may be that all computer records are currently capable of being converted to a universal standard such as ASCII text files.
Since all patient information is stored as ASCII text, the general text-editor function can be used to edit any portion of the patient file as desired at any time.
Measurement data and an instrumentation list may be saved in an ASCII text file after completion of a measurement.
Daily News delivers ASCII text to any brand of hardware connected to the network.
Using ASCII text, spreadsheet or database formats, you can move data from spreadsheets and databases to word processors and to depreciation, trial balance, audit and tax programs (and vice versa).
Center Piece also offers three software programs designed to assist the accountant with payroll reporting and information return filing--"W-2 Typer," "Laser W-2's Professional" and "Laser 1099's Professional." These programs are designed to allow data to be typed directly on the forms, or to be imported from other magnetic media, ASCII text files or other computer accounting programs such as Quicken.
These hard disk menu programs are built around an ASCII text file called MENU.PIC.
The software can also integrate peak areas, smooth data, take derivatives, enhance data resolution, edit and append data, rescale graphs, and store data in ASCII text format for use in other software packages.
In addition to paperback, the book is available in ASCII text and will be online as part of the AFB Press ePublications program.
The ASCII text format enabled the development of text editors, computer software capable of editing plain ASCII text.
The guide can be downloaded in ASCII text and .pdf format from the NIJ web site;, using the locator number NCJ 187736.