American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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The ALA character set is implemented using a special model of the IBM 3164 ASCII display terminal, and programming support within the IBM 7171 ASCII protocol converter.
The modules themselves can be configured as Modbus or ASCII protocol slaves.
It is also available in ASCII protocol, offering higher resolution and lower temperature drift.
ASCII Agent Framework: The product provides an optional toolkit, priced separately, for developing TL1 and custom ASCII protocol agents.
When combined, both products give customers a turnkey, multi-vendor CMIP solution that can significantly shorten the time to develop and deploy CMIP-based management systems for supporting network elements using any kind of ASCII protocol, including all versions of TL1.
Unlimited file transfer rate, auto-remapping (application controlled), DDE support, instant FTP control; kermit, x,y,z modem and ascii protocol support contribute to product flexibility, making Pericom's M&A solution a robust, easy-to-use connectivity and communications solution for any desktop.