American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Data on both ports A and B are monitored for ASCII character command sequences.
This paper is organized as follows: the following section introduces CA, the third section introduces the proposed CA model that we used to generate random ASCII characters and the forth section introduces the conclusion of this paper.
org) specifies a GPS receiver's data format as a 4,800 bps string of 8-bit ASCII characters.
They can contain any element of the standard ASCII character set.
Parsed character data is the term for the ASCII characters between start and end tags.
Typical use is to remove unneeded photos or illustrations that are imbedded in text so that the OCR converter does not waste time trying to interpret pictorial information as ASCII characters.
I have used extended ascii characters (line drawing) where it seemed to be appropriate, but they are certainly not required.
The transmitting terminal sent a sequence of subsequent ASCII characters "d" in "REPEAT-MODE.
When the system software is modified to handle Chinese as well as ASCII characters, existing English application software can be modified to include Chinese characters where text is used (in menus, for example).
Besides the possibility to connect to the server the new version comes with an improved Undo/Redo mechanism, allows sending non ASCII characters in assignments emails and more.
I used HyperTerminal, but that required converting binary or hexadecimal values to ASCII characters.
Instead of pushing ASCII characters back and forth, we get to push pixels back and forth.
FabulaRosa is designed to create High Definition (HD) passwords within the range of a maximum length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, or a minimum length of 10 ASCII characters.
The easy-to-read 5 X 7 pixel format displays the full range of uppercase and lowercase ASCII characters, Katakana and custom user-defined characters that are dot-addressable.
Programs written and compiled on MS-DOS machines and other personal computers contained instructions and data (represented by the extended ASCII characters from 128 to 255) which were not standard across all computers.