ASCII character set

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(computer science) 128 characters that make up the ASCII coding scheme

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Communicating in style recommends confining your e-mail communications to the standard ASCII character set. E-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook uses its own bullet and font formatting, which can make your e-mails not translate easily to a non-formattable, text-based e-mail system.
How well does this work and what are the larger implications of moving away from our long suffering pal, the ASCII character set keyboards use?
For starters, mainframe data is stored using several different character sets instead of the ASCII character set used by open systems machines.
The only way to get around this problem is to encode the binary file before sending it, so that the resulting file contains only the 128 characters that form the basic ASCII character set.
They can contain any element of the standard ASCII character set. The editorial staff may insert "tags" within the body of the article text to identify blocks of text that comprise endnotes, reference notes, tables, figures, and bibliographic references.