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any member of the standard code for representing characters by binary numbers

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The Model 4720 monitors the data on its A and B ports and responds to custom protocol ASCII characters “Switch to A” or “Switch to B” command sequences.
To get a feel for the potential impact of this, imagine the consequences if one company owned the rights to the ASCII character set.
For example, our display program will rely on ASCII characters, since the publishing community still lacks an industry-wide standard for type, graphics, and page layout (and since our abilities to program our own publication solutions are quite limited).
Spencer, an IT security manager from Brockton, New York, receives the winner's trophy and a $1,000 cash prize for having a working knowledge of HTML, Java scripting, math (hexadecimal, binary), the ASCII character set, cryptography, steganography (the art and science of writing hidden messages in a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message), the English alphabet and the ability to count to at least three in French.
For starters, mainframe data is stored using several different character sets instead of the ASCII character set used by open systems machines.
Until now the international Internet addressing system (Domain Name System) has only allowed for domain names containing the standard ASCII character set (a-z, 0-9) and the hyphen (-) to be registered.
Support for the ASCII character set in addition to Unicode to simplify
International VSI-WIN has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with international versions of Windows, various regional fax settings, the extended ASCII character set and international keyboard layouts.
0 substantially improves the processing throughput speed and match rates, completes support for large files (greater than 4 GB), adds support for the extended ASCII character set, includes new database accessibility support for MS Access, Excel, and SQL Server databases, and enhances stability to ensure processing reliability.
Incorporating Farallon technology allows users to enrich with fonts and graphics the ASCII character documents retrieved by Personal Librarian, and convert them into Replica files for storage and retrieval.
Full Unicode compliant support for double-byte characters enables testing in languages that are not supported by the standard ASCII character set, such as Kanji, Mandarin or Arabic.
In September, the ICANN Board acknowledged the VeriSign GRS multilingual testbed, the importance of a standards-based approach and "that the Internet evolve to be more accessible to those who do not use the ASCII character set.
org registries have been limited to registering domain names using a strict ASCII character set.
The encryption process is based on the generation of random ASCII characters, and CA can be effectively used for this purpose.
The printable ASCII characters are the only character set I know which is both common and well-defined, but even it contains characters (such as \, |, ^) which are not typically found in normal writing.