American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Even if they use digital data from financial statements, it's of limited use because it often is aggregated, so the native hierarchical format and relational data structure are lost when using ASCII files unless they are first restored in the new environment.
The letter should also be formatted in an ASCII file and pasted into your e-mail message directly above the resume.
ASCII files can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and standard punctuation marks, and each character is assigned a number from 1 to 128.
It is estimated that about 95 percent of existing texts are plain text files--that is, ASCII files which are not indexed for any specific software.
Virtually all OMR readers ship with software that takes the information culled using the scanner and saves it into the universal ASCII file format.
It was very tedious, and I had to wait until very close to publication time before starting work on the catalog, because once the ASCII file was created, I was cut off from the database.
The application recognizes a user-generated ASCII file format for input of data.
Additionally, the software recognizes a user-generated ASCII file format for input of data, where only a one-word descriptor (i.
When saved the ASCII file must have a file extension of ".
A custom written lava script reads the "header" ASCII file and construct a basic Vulcan block definition file (BDF).
It also can be saved and printed in text, Excel, ASCII file, bitmap, and PDF formats.
The new version of LogMate collects data via RS232 serial, TCP/IP (terminal server or direct print), or an ASCII file, and can now capture data from up to 64 simultaneous devices.
ascii_filename is the name of the ASCII file or files to be indexed.
Built-in post-processing lets you view, save, and export data to an ASCII file for use with any post-processing package such as MATLAB(r) or FlexPro.
INMAGIC Scan, from the developers of INMAGIC Plus document/image management software, captures document images, converts them to black and white TUFF image files, and automatically creates an ASCII file that maps the images to the corresponding records in an INMAGIC Plus database.