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saclike structure in which ascospores are formed through sexual reproduction of ascomycetes

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The overall ASC-US reporting rate was 3.77% (83 199 of 2 206 588), with 4.43% (67 038 of 1 512 265) in LBC preparations and 2.33% (16 161 of 693 323) in CPTs.
Comparison of Prevalence of Epithelial Abnormalities in Different Places of The World No Author Year Place No of Patients 1 Edelman et al (6) 1995 New York 29,295 2 Mufti et al (7) 2000-2012 Saudi Arabia 15721 3 Banik et al (8) 2010 Bangladesh 1699 4 Marahatta (9) 2010-2012 Nepal 1751 5 Maryam et al (10) 2007 Tehran 13315 No Total Prevalence Epithelial Abnormality [%) f%) ASC-US LSIL HSIL SCC 1 13.2 9.9 2.5 0.6 0.2 2 14.52 11.48 2.2 0.8 0.06 3 8.18 0.18 6.36 1.18 0.35 4 1.14 0.45 0.85 0.28 -- 5 1.18 0.63 0.21 0.13 0.2 Table 2.
ASC-US diagnosis reflects a subjective-prone result, in which it is difficult to differentiate between reactive changes and Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion (LSIL) (2).
Os resultados foram analisados quanto a frequencia de celulas escamosas atipicas de significado indeterminado (ASC-US) em laudos citopatologicos alterados e nao alterados.
% Lesiones Ca 2 0,001 escamosas NIVA BG 2 0,001 VPH 57 0,022 ASC-H 137 0,052 LEI AG 417 0,159 ASC 644 0,246 LEI BG 1879 0,718 ASC-US 2062 0,788 Total 5200 1,986 Tipo de Lesion Total de muestras de CV.
In all strategies, women who were referred to colposcopy and found not to have CIN 2 or greater were rescreened with both tests in 1 year and referred to colposcopy if the finding was ASC-US or higher-grade or persistently HPV-positive.
Ciento quince citologias en base liquida de cuello uterino fueron incluidas: 11(9,6%) negativa para lesion intraepitelial o malignidad (NILM), 32(27,8%) celulas escamosas con atipias de significado no determinado (ASC-US), 62(53,9%) lesion intraepitelial escamosa de bajo grado (LSIL) y 10(8,7%) con lesion intraepitelial escamosa de alto grado (HSIL).
The clinical scenarios focused on a 12-year old daughter of one of your long-time patients, a 18-year old at an annual exam who denies previous sexual activity, a 19-year old female college sophomore requesting birth control after initiating sexual activity, a 26-year old married patient at her annual exam, a 25-year old female patient with an ASC-US Pap smear and HPV positive result, a 23-year old female at high risk for sexually transmitted infections with a history of an "abnormal Pap" 3 years ago, a 19-year old man with a female partner with genital warts, and a 35-year old female patient who is getting divorced.
The risk of precancerous lesions following HPV-negative ASC-US cytology is very low and not qualitatively different from a negative cotest.
* ASC-US, HPV negative: Atypical cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US) is a cytology testing finding that is not diagnostic and is clinically ambiguous, because it doesn't represent a specific cytologic interpretation.
HPV DNA testing can however be used to triage a pap result of Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance (ASC-US)
Women under 30 should be tested for high-risk HPV if the Pap comes back as atypical cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US).
To screen patients with ASC-US cervical cytology results to determine the need for referral to colposcopy.