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a militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915

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Asala (SAN), added that the Counsels to APC and Yakubu Oseni only succeeded in playing down the judgment of the Court of Appeal which upheld the Tribunal's ruling and granted Natasha Akpoti the right to use the evidence.
Bahrain is gearing up for a new round of talks between several components that include a coalition of opposition societies, another coalition of other political societies, Al Asala, the parliament and the government, in a bid to heal a political rift resulting from the dramatic events that occurred in the country in February and March 2011.
The rift between Muharraq councillors has grown since the end of summer, with Al Asala annoying other councillors by dividing up key posts among its own members.
Bin Suwaidan said: "The contract said Asala should obtain the businessman's written permission if she wanted to perform with another party and she had to pay him 50 per cent of the profit.
"Mabaash Ana" This is one of Asala's most important songs written by poet Magdi el-Naggar and composed by Mohammed Diaa.
In a statement Al Asala rejected the notion of a female parliamentary speaker, which it claimed contradicted Islamic leadership rules.
Thus, Pashinyan and the forces behind him decided to revive ASALA under the roof of "Sasna Tsrrer", as evidenced by the composition of the initiators of the idea.
Asala, totally unimpressed by this type of humor, criticized Ramez's show with an Instagram post, writing that "I hate his TV show so much and it really provokes me.
"We request the culture ministry to respond to the wishes of the Bahraini street and respect the feelings of the Arab and Islamic nation during these critical times," Al Asala posted on its website.
E[currency]AM (CyHAN)- The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), a terrorist group that has been largely inactive for the past decades, has threatened Turkey with unspecified measures over its Syria policy.
The authorised gathering is being organised by Al Asala parliamentary bloc after Friday prayers at Al Mahzoora Avenue, in Buhair, near the Shaikhan Al Farsi Mosque.
IGDIR, Jan 27, 2011 (TUR) -- Consul General Mehmet Baydar and Consul Bahadir Demir, the first Turkish diplomats who fell victim to ASALA terror, were commemorated with a ceremony held Thursday in Igdir.
Furthermore, Geel is set to collaborate with prominent Syrian singer Asala in a new song entitled "Haga Matkhosaksh" (It's none of your business).
The conservative Sunni Islamist group Al Asala Islamic Society landed three seats, improving on the two it won in 2014.
Asala has really got it in for one Arab singer in particular.