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English composer of operettas who collaborated with the librettist William Gilbert (1842-1900)

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Library programming therefore tends to be directed at girls, as Sullivan points out.
If Sullivan believed it was, then he may well have leapt from this personal experience to a view of schizophrenics as people who had failed to come to terms (as Sullivan had) with their adolescent sexual terror.
But books that break new ground, as Sullivan's does, can be excused for giving short shrift to issues that have been covered before.
As Sullivan so convincingly points out, Clinton has been anything but our knight in shining armor.
Understanding this possibility requires seeing how judicial decisions such as Sullivan gradually come to shape people's attitudes, sometimes with unexpected consequences.
While the analysis here remains, as Sullivan concedes, within a broadly "new historicist" tradition of literary analysis, the sheer breadth and unexpectedness of its evidence finally allows the book to transcend the technique of juxtaposition and to reach toward a kind of holistic approach.
In the years such laws have been on the books, as Sullivan points out, very little seems to have changed in the relative local climate for gays in the covered places.
The union of Femando and Dorotea, as Sullivan observes, comes close to fulfilling the requirements for validity notwithstanding its secrecy.