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Synonyms for cardiomyopathy

a disorder (usually of unknown origin) of the heart muscle (myocardium)

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In this report, we describe a case of ARVC in a young man who was treated at a tertiary care hospital.
5% muscle 1 DCM TTN Titin 13%-27% MYH7 Myosin, heavy chain 7 [congruent to] 5% LMNA Lamin A/C [congruent to] 5% DSP Desmoplakin [congruent to] 5% TNNT2 Troponin T2, cardiac type 2%-3% TPM1 Tropomyosin 1 (alpha) [congruent to] 2% TNNI3 Troponin I3, cardiac type <1% BAG3 BCL2 associated athanogene 3 N/A (a) RBM20 RNA binding motif protein 20 N/A ARVC PKP2 Plakophilin 2 25%-30% DSP Desmoplakin 9% DSG2 Desmoglein 2 3.
ARVC first described in 1982, is a genetically determined disorder of cardiac myocytes in which RV myocardium is replaced with fibro-fatty tissue.
Plakoglobin: Earlier mutations in plakoglobin were reported in a variant of ARVC called Naxos disease, which is characterized by signature features of ARVC accompanied by diffuse non-epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma (NEPPK) and wooly hair (WH) (56), a recently identified novel autosomal dominant plakoglobin mutation without any cutaneous and hair abnormalities.
ARVC is an autosomal, dominant condition with fibrofatty replacement of myocytes in the right and left ventricles.
John's to study a family with a high incidence of ARVC, a congenital heart disease that renders victims susceptible to cardiac arrest at an early age.
At the National ARVC, this means calling on exhibitors who print campground maps to print our convention literature; on sign makers to produce room and directional signs; on novelty and gift distributors to provide convention T-shirts and registration bags; on entertainment companies to provide karaoke machines or deejays; and on business forms publishers to print our foundation's sweepstakes tickets.
It was started by sisters-in-law Kelly Best and Christine Stephenson in March 2013 after Kelly's 18-year-old son Will was diagnosed as having ARVC, the same heart condition as Muamba.
Then yesterday, the county announced on its website "specialist scans revealed yesterday that the 26-year-old has the very serious heart condition, ARVC (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy).
Then yesterday, the county announced "specialist scans revealed the 26-year-old has the very serious heart condition, ARVC (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy).
Batsman Taylor, who played seven Tests and 27 one-day internationals for his country, has arrhythmogenic right ventricular arrhythmia, or ARVC.