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Providing Public Access to the ARS Water Data Base Using an On-Line Information Management System.
The research conducted under the ARS National Program for Quality and Utilization of Agricultural Products (#306, www.
Comparative concurrent validity of the MRF-L and ARS competitive state anxiety ratings scales for individual sport athletes.
When you combine the high regard in which ARS expertise is held with this view of independent research, many are willing to accept ARS as an authoritative, objective voice.
To further program coordination, ARS is developing a new obesity initiative that will build on the agency's capabilities to address the many facets of this growing problem.
US Bancorp Investments, which was fined $275,000, had already completed a repurchase of more than $150 million of ARS held in customer accounts.
Then it took us a while to accumulate enough data to go in the face of what had been believed for so long," says now-retired ARS research food technologist Brad W.
ARS offers many growth opportunities for AJ Perri and the combined efforts of the two companies will allow the target to enhance customer services and employee satisfaction, said AJ Perri general manager Kevin Perri.
ARS also recognized several other area scientists for their contributions to agricultural research including: Frederic Barrows, ARS Small Grains and Potato Germplasm Research Unit, Aberdeen, Idaho; Franck Dayan, ARS Natural Products Utilization Research Unit, Oxford, Miss.
According to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of African A airs Bruce Wharton, ARS provides "vital support to American embassies in Africa and the citizens of the countries they serve.
The ARS is a relatively small, hand-held, wireless device used to receive and display anonymous polled responses to questions (Weerts, Miller, & Altice, 2009).
ARS allow students to respond to a question by pressing a button on an individual response keypad, known as a clicker.
Auction rate securities were viewed as cash equivalents from the inception of the ARS market in 1984 until February 2008, according to Pluris Valuation Advisors, a valuation firm that specializes in illiquid and distressed securities and business valuations, with offices in New York and California.
5 million, had by July 2008 repurchased more than 90% of its then current customers' ARS holdings and in October 2008 it offered to repurchase all of the remaining ARS held in those customers' HSBC accounts.