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Synonyms for internet

the Internet


Synonyms for internet

a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange

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His team included Michael O'Brien, who was responsible for the relays connecting CSNET and ARPANET.
It displaced ARPANET as the driving force in the development of a worldwide network of interlinked computers.
This network forms the backbone of NSFNET, which also has links with ARPANET and several NASA laboratories.
Roberts, and at ICCC72, with help from many researchers in the nascent field of computer networking, he orchestrated a demonstration of the ARPANET in a public setting with 40 different computers connected to the network and able to interoperate.
The first ``node'' was fired up at UCLA in 1969 and four other computers were linked up by the end of that year, forming what the military called ARPANET.
We were ahead of the technology curve with the ARPANET and the first router, and our quantum network exemplifies the same kind of forward thinking and innovation that has made BBN a technology leader for over 50 years.
In 1976, SRI established the first connection between two dissimilar networks using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to connect the wired ARPANET and SRI's wireless, mobile PRNET (packet radio network).
WASHINGTON -- The man who put the "@" sign in e-mail addresses today was honored for a lifetime of achievement, including the invention of e-mail and helping in the development of the ARPANET, the forerunner of today's Internet.
BBN Technologies received the 1999 IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognition Award for "pioneering contributions to computer networking technology through the development of the first packet switch, the ARPANET Interface Message Processor, and the Terminal Interface Message Processor.