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Synonyms for internet

the Internet


Synonyms for internet

a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange

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Over a relatively short time the ARPANET became an indispensable, nationwide communications network across the military R&D communities of both the U.
Once ARPANET proved it could work, its administrators wanted to network the whole U.
El protocolo de comunicacion TCP/IP comenzo a usarse por otras redes para enlazarse a la ARPANET, ya desde 1977, comenzando esta a convertirse poco a poco en un gran "vecindario" de redes.
The Net went commercial in the mid-70s, first with Telnet, the commercial version of ARPANET.
It displaced ARPANET as the driving force in the development of a worldwide network of interlinked computers.
In October 1972, a large, successful demonstration of the ARPANET took place - the first public demonstration of this new network technology.
The ARPANET experiment has evolved to provide near widespread availability of worldwide resources in technologically advanced countries via the Internet.
The architects of ARPANET conceived of a computer network that would allow any type of computer to be connected and exchange information, and would be the ultimate in decentralization - a network of "peers" where every computer was at the same level as every other computer.
The program, commonly termed a "virus" but more accurately described in computer jargon as a "worm," invaded more than 6,000 computers linked by ARPANET and other data communications networks, disrupting computer operations at numerous universities and research centers.
Postel Service Award for 2009 to CSNET (the Computer Science Network), the research networking effort that during the early 1980s provided the critical bridge from the original research undertaken through the ARPANET to the modern Internet.
Now that doesn't seem similar at all to the internet that we know today, but it was the first node in ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the computer network that gave birth to the internet.
But ARPANET was a tiny networking of about 30 universities, a far cry from today's "information superhighway," ironically a phrase widely credited to Gore.
The ARPANET established the feasibility of an efficient packet-switching network (a controversial idea in the 1960s), and provided a technology development testbed.
Kahn, who developed ARPANET, a computer network linking researchers holding contracts with the Department of Defense.