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Words related to tango

a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin

music written in duple time for dancing the tango

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The study showed that to some extent ARNT is regulated by insulin, so that insulin resistance in itself will contribute to a decrease in ARNT.
If liver cells are treated with insulin, there will be a small increase in ARNT protein.
Gene-specific PCR reagents and conditions were as follows: (a) Mg[Cl.sub.2], 1.5 mM for ARNT and CYP1B1 and 2 mM for AHR, IL-1[beta], and [beta]-ACT; (b) Taq polymerase, 1.25 U for AHR, ARNT, and CYP1B1 and 2.5 U for IL-1[beta] and [beta]-ACT; (c) annealing-extension temperature, 59 [degrees]C for IL-1[beta], 60 [degrees]C for [beta]-ACT and AHR, 63 [degrees]C for ARNT and CYP1B1; (d) cycles numbers, 33 for AHR, 35 for ARNT, CYP1B1, and [beta]-ACT, 37 for IL-1[beta].
(11) by adding a fixed amount of IS to the unknown samples and to a set of calibrators containing 0.35, 0.67, 6.03, 0.097, and 2939 amol of mRNA in 260 ng of total RNA, respectively, for AHR, ARNT, CYP1B1, IL-1[beta], and [beta]-ACT.
We used PCR to amplify zebrafish AhR and Arnt cDNA sequences.
Difficulties associated with defining AhR and Arnt expression are related partly to limitations posed by mammalian systems, which include the difficulty of reproducible staging and limiting numbers of embryos (25).
Coventry: 24.58 TENDLER, Tait, DaCosta; 28.44 TANAKA, Bochek, Arnt; 31.02 BOCHEK, Tanaka, Arnt; 36.06 COWLEY, Tanaka, Arnt; 37.39 TENDLER, Tait, DaCosta (PP); 48.13 GOERTZEN, Cescon (PP) Sheffield: 18.09 DOWD, Mosienko (PP); 53.27 FORNEY Shots: Coventry 29, Sheffield 54 Penalty minutes: Coventry 14, Sheffield 10
The goals kept coming: Arnt got his second after DaCosta flew down the wing and centred the pass.
The spirit was there - Tendler went close on a break, Arnt nearly scored when the puck was recycled, and Craig Cescon typi-fied the attitude by bravely lying down to block a shot at the net.
Coventry: 9.51 GOERTZEN, Cescon, Chalmers; 14.31 TENDLER, Tait, Arnt; 14.56 TAIT, Lee, Grif-fin; 43.49 GRIFFIN, Goertzen, Arnt Shots: Coventry 38, Dundee 33 Penalty minutes: Coventry 14, Dundee 10