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a civilian reserve component of the United States Army comprised of guardsmen who serve during overseas peacekeeping missions and during local emergencies

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7) As AC force reductions continue in our fiscally strained environment, reliance on our Reserve and ARNG forces will continue to expand.
The purpose was to gain commonality of numbers, specifically the cost of active component and reserve component soldiers so we could meet three objectives: (1) Conduct a comprehensive analysis on the Business Case for Operationalizing the Reserve Component; (2) establish common Army costing baselines to compare Active and Reserve Component costs; and (3) gain leadership agreement (AC, ARNG, and USAR) so those leaders could accurately engage the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other agencies outside the department.
Although it is very difficult in peacetime to replicate combat recovery operations, ARNG unit commanders should place a high priority on getting assigned Soldiers qualified with additional skill identifier H8, wheeled vehicle recovery, and conducting realistic premobilization recovery training using code H (unserviceable) wheeled and combat vehicles.
For the ARNG, this means it should continue to modernize all 54 of its state-level WANs to the new GIG standards and eliminate its Legacy Systems in order to become a fully compliant member of the DoD's secure, worldwide GIG network solution.
As part of an ARNG restructuring initiative, reshape one or more divisions to a more versatile design called the multifunctional division, made up of mobile light brigades (MLBs) consisting of two infantry battalions, a reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition squadron, an engineer battalion, and a forward support battalion.
In an effort to demonstrate how funds appropriated specifically for the ARNG have been utilized against the goals and objectives of the ARNG, EER Systems Inc.
The Cadet Command provides a web-based platform for cadets to explore potential career opportunities within the active Army, ARNG, and USAR.
The Chemical Corps currently consists of about 35 percent Regular Army, 28 percent USAR, and 37 percent ARNG Soldiers.
Calendar year 2008 was the Regiment's best recruiting year ever as we approved and/or accessed 75 Active Army, ARNG, and USAR Soldiers to be engineer warrant officers.
Active component units with brigade S-1s that have undergone PSDR likely will not be so fortunate as to have resident USAR or Army National Guard (ARNG) subject matter experts (though a number of BCT S-1s will be responsible for ensuring that ARNG and USAR units that fall under their deployed task organizations receive the same level of EPS as Active Army units).
Elements of the 3-265 Florida Army National Guard, 1-204 Massachusetts ARNG, and 1-200 New Mexico ARNG continue to support Operation CLEAR SKIES in our nation's capitol.
That's why the ARNG soldiers from the battalion's Alpha and Charlie Companies in Lexington and Bolivar.
ARNG questions should be directed to the respective State Military Personnel Office.
The Chief of the National Guard Bureau retained direct control over several special staff sections, but daily ARNG and ANG operations fell to two staff divisions, both headed by Guard major generals.
Brigadier General Walter Lord, Assistant Division Commander, Maneuver, 28th Infantry Division, PA ARNG