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(computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a relatively small set of computer instructions that it can perform

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The latest ARM chips are made using the 28-nanometer process.
Windows RT will be the version of the Windows software which for the first time ever will run on the ARM chip architecture which is popular on smartphones and tablet devices.
ARM chips dominate the global mobile phone and smart phone market and the new and growing "tablet" market.
Chip designer ARM Holdings was hit by global growth fears - despite Microsoft previewing its new Windows 8 software, which will be powered by ARM chips.
ARM chips are used in the vast majority of the world's mobile phones.
Companies like Dell and Lenovo have already announced tablets with Arm chips.
Marvell ships one billion chips per year, two-thirds of which include Marvell CPUs running the ARM instruction set, making Marvell the largest producer of ARM chips in the world.
CEO Warren East said ARM has yet to see a general hardening in prices across the semiconductor sector, although pricing for ARM chips was hardening a bit, mainly due to a changing mix.
ARM Holdings, the microchip designer, jumped 17p to 279p after telling the stock market that Texas Instruments and Intel had signed new licensing agreements for ARM chips.
ARM chips can now run more than 30 operating systems including PalmOS, Psion's EPOC32 and Windows CE.
But only recently has it become evident that ARM chips - and other mobile processors - might also be suitable for running certain types of server loads.
Additionally, the report also claimed that Apple has created a 13-inch MacBook running on 64-bit quad-core ARM chips.
The VDKs use virtual prototypes as the embedded target, which enable software developers can start working on software for ARM chips.
ARM chips are the more popular choice for use in tablets, and other than a number of Windows 8 tablets, devices using x86/x64 chips (Intel's processor architecture of choice) are scarce.
Microsoft may not be able to sell tablets running Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 for machines with power-sipping ARM chips, for less than $599, said Bob O'Donnell, an analyst at IDC, in an interview.