acute renal failure

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Synonyms for acute renal failure

renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tract

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During the ARF retreat, foreign ministers and representatives of ARF participating countries are expected to exchange views on the tensions in the Korean peninsula, terrorism and violent extremism, human trafficking and trafficking in illicit drugs, natural disasters, among others.
The ARF was established in 1994 to considerable fanfare and with the declared aim "to develop a more predictable and constructive pattern of relations for the Asia-Pacific region".
The inaugural meeting of the ARF was held in Bangkok on 25 July 1994.
Accordingly, 490 patients with ARF were included in the current substudy, and we also had blood samples from 401 patients after 48 h (82% of the cohort).
History of any pre-existing renal disease was obtained and patients were investigated for the underlying causes for ARF.
No study investigating the incidence of ARF throughout Turkey has been conducted and the studies performed reflect local data.
The chairman's statement of the inaugural ARF in July 1994 declared the objectives of the forum to be the facilitation of open dialogue and constructive discussions on political and security issues that were of concern to all member states, as well as a contribution to confidence-building and preventive diplomacy in the Asia--Pacific region.
Conclusion: Infection especially of urinary tract is the leading cause of ARF in Diabetics.
Weber, PhD, explained that it was probably inaccurate to say that ARF completely replaces p53, but it appears the cell has set up a sort of backup system with ARF.
ARF also urged other candidates from the opposition parties to ignore "the electoral farce.
Indeed, as ARF meetings go, this one was relatively successful.
The field exercise, which will be the second of its kind, is a civilian-led, military supported demonstration of ARF nations' capabilities in dealing with disaster emergency situation.
ARF is an important contributing factor to the morbidity and mortality of critically ill infants and children (1-3).
The 27-member ARF was supposed to have brought together ministers from all the nations involved in the six-party talks, but North Korea sent an ambassador-level official in apparent protest at international pressure over its nuclear and missile tests.
However for about 50 years now we have not had widespread ARF in the United States or other developed countries.