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a congenital medical condition in which body deformation occurs or facial development or mental ability is impaired because the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy

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136) However, it is evident from Mandiant's findings that the goals of APTl's cyber espionage campaign closely paralleled China's economic goals that were proclaimed in March 2011, which further suggests that APT1 is Unit 61398, and its efforts were a state sponsored cyber attack.
The report traced a hacker group Mandiant called APT1 and claimed the attackers are supported by "Unit 61398″ of China's People's Liberation Army.
APT1 were strongly linked to China's People's Liberation Army and were observed infiltrating 141 separate organisation around the globe over a seven year period.
known as APT1 was backed by the People's Liberation Army's Shanghai-based Unit
We believe that APT1 is able to wage such a long-running and extensive cyber espionage campaign in large part because it receives direct government support," Mandiant said.
Through successive versions of the triennial, it has grappled with the various museological consequences of this leveling of East and West: In APT1, it sought to impose some order by grouping artists by country; in APT4, in attempted to sketch a history of those Asian artists who had entered the postwar Western canon, such as Nam June Paik, Yayoi Kusama, and Lee Ufan.