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a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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66] Higher occurrence of visual hallucinations has been discovered in APOE carrier during the course of disease,[94] which indicates that APOE genotype could possibly be applied to identify patients who are at risk of psychosis and formulate therapies to prevent or treat psychotic symptoms in PD.
Blood samples for determination of ApoE genotype were obtained from all patients.
Lipid contents and APOE genotype association HDL, high density lipoprotein; LDL, low density lipoprotein; St.
Also, rs6495122 appears as a relevant factor for classification in CART only after APOE genotype and age, two already known risk factors for AD19.
Aboud O, Mrak RE, Boop FA, Griffin WS (2013) Epilepsy: neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and APOE genotype.
The confirmed positive association of serum apoA-I with diabetes in Turkish women was independent of apoE genotype (e2/e3/e4) or of apoB levels (4), and serum apoE concentrations, independent of the apoE genotype, were strongly associated with hypertiglyceridemic dyslipidemias, especially with that accompanying elevated apoB (22, 23).
We further tested whether there were statistical interactions between rs10550296 genotype and age (categorised age [less than or equal to] 72 years and > 72 years), gender, and ApoE genotype, but no significant interaction was found (data not shown).
The findings support our hypothesis that APOE genotype changes amyloid structure.
Association of APOE genotype with carotid atherosclerosis in men and women: the Framingham Heart Study.
Unrelated patients with AD (n = 97) and controls (n = 99) were randomly selected from the database after they were matched for age, sex, race, APOE genotype, and geographic location.
Other subjects are the genetics and networks of apolipoproteins, apolipoprotein E gene polymorphism and metabolic syndrome in an elderly community, apoE genotype as a risk factor for multiple chronic neurological disorders, and the role of apoproteins in modern cardiovascular and medical research.
However, there are also many mixed findings with respect to the relationship between APOE genotype and TBI.
Inflammation appears to be a common element in each of the disorders that have a demonstrated apoE genotype effect, which may be attributed to isoform-specific differences of apoE's modulation of inflammatory responses.