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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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The confirmed positive association of serum apoA-I with diabetes in Turkish women was independent of apoE genotype (e2/e3/e4) or of apoB levels (4), and serum apoE concentrations, independent of the apoE genotype, were strongly associated with hypertiglyceridemic dyslipidemias, especially with that accompanying elevated apoB (22, 23).
examined the association of APOE genotype with longterm outcome in 61 patients with TBI [61].
Moreover, although we demonstrate statistically significant differences in mortality and inflammatory mediators as a function of APOE genotype and treatment with the apoE peptide, these differences were relatively modest and do not necessarily imply clinical relevance.
Participants had a variety of reasons for wanting to know their APOE genotype.
ApoE genotype, past adult lead exposure, and neurobehavioral function.
If you have APOE genotype e2 or e3, estrogen may be helpful.
Schneider is a co-chair of the half-day session entitled Stratified Medicine and Targeted Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development in Light of Recent Phase III Trial Results: Example ApoE Genotype .
CSF biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease and controls: associations with APOE genotype are modified by age.
Following are papers on topics including omega-3 fatty acids and exercise, omega-6 fatty acids and adipose tissue development, genetic risk factors for cardiovascular disease, ApoE genotype, prevention of chronic diseases, obesity, gastrointestinal cancers, the role of government, and global nutrition problems.
ApoE genotype accounts for the vast majority of AD risk and AD pathology.
Atherotech provides physicians with a single source for the VAP Cholesterol Test and more than a dozen cardiovascular and metabolic tests, including C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP), LpPLA2, apoE genotype, NT-proBNP, Cystatin-C, T3 and T4 when TSH is abnormal, plus gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT), a recognized cardiovascular risk biomarker.
Green and colleagues designed and are implementing an evidence-based procedure for risk estimation and an experimental trial of APOE genotype disclosure in people age 55 to 90 with MCI and their study partners recruited at four university medical centers (Harvard, Univ.
lc), confirming the patient's APOE genotype as apo E2/E3[DELTA]149Leu.