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Considering the diverse vantage points from which people approach APLA, the sessions .
org for more information about APLA and a link to research and evaluation reports.
APLA has provided services for AIDS/HIV sufferers in the Antelope Valley since the early 1990s, officials said.
They rejected the APLA in 1996 and formed their own union, the FPA.
APLA serves more than 7,000 men, women and children in the Los Angeles area by providing home care visits, groceries, counseling and many other essential services.
BJ Betts says, "Losing my brother was extremely devastating for my entire family and by supporting APLA with this project, I hope to help other men, women and children who are coping with this terrible disease.
Don't forget to catch Elton John and Sting, who get their philanthropic fill with ``The Concert Benefiting APLA and Elton John AIDS Foundation'' and the ``Silver Lining Silverlake Benefit Concert.
Created and underwritten for the fifth year by The Abbey, "The Envelope Please" is a major fundraising event for APLA, the 23-year-old organization with food banks, dental clinics and other urgent direct services for the HIV community.
Today, Redman, a Los Angeles interior designer, remains an honorary board member of APLA.
6 million for APLA, a nonprofit group helping about 8,000 people stricken with AIDS.
Underscoring its emphasis on community service, The Abbey also hosts numerous charity events throughout the year, including "The Envelope Please," its annual Oscar night benefit for APLA and "Breakfast for the Stars" for AIDS Walk Los Angeles.
Funds raised through Concrete Hero are put to use immediately by APLA and support vital care programs such as the Vance North Necessities of Life Program food pantries, which distribute more than 160,000 bags of groceries to people facing HIV/AIDS and hunger in Los Angeles or APLA Dental Services, which offers more than 21,000 no-cost and low-cost, life-restoring dental procedures to people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County.